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12 February 2013



Hey Rebecca, the link to paper seems to be going to an Amazon login page... Thanks for sharing how you made this!


Awesome! Thanks for the printables. You're so generous to share.


Wow, I am speechless. How incredibly kind and gracious of you to share. Thank you so much!



Oh and btw, I noticed your blog makeover & am loving the new look! Fresh, clean, neat. Very RS. :)

lori vliegen

your fabulous planner is so wonderfully you in every way.....and your generosity in sharing it with us is too! thank you, sweet rebecca! xo

Sheila R

Thank you for sharing your printable pages! I think this will be my next project!


Thanks so much for sharing the day pages! I'm seriously hoping to make one of these!

Yvonne Welty

Thanks for sharing your printed pages. I really like this layout of the week. I will definately be using your ideas. It's so much better to have something that is really "you" as opposed to a "cookie cutter" planner where one size doesn't really fit all. Happy Valentine's day a little early!

Bobbie Duran

That is so sweet of you to let us print those neat pages.

Cherie Wilson

Rebecca thank you so much for all this information! That was a lot of good in one little post. We know your time is valuable so please know that you are appreciated!! I had wondered some much of this! XO


I never knew organization could be so inspiring. Wonderful planner!


I ran across your blog a week or so ago and just love your work. I'm a "planner" kind of person too and am NOT happy with the one I purchased last month. I would love to try something like you have created although the (2) pages you offered aren't coming up for me. Have you removed them by some chance or is a glich in the system?

Debbie House

Hey Rebecca....so glad you are venturing back into the paper world...have missed your creative spirit so much. Thanks for the free templates for calendar journal. I am able to print the days of the week but the back pages will not print no matter how I try. Is there a conversion problem with the files? Thanks again SO much.

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