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23 January 2013


Dede Warren

I have wanted to make a 2013 planner myself... but unlike you, I have simply thought of it and done nothing. After not knowing how to start, your post has helped me. Hopefully I'll actually use your info and create a planner today, I can think of no better way to spend this rainy Sunday afternoon. So thanks Rebecca for always being so generous with your readers. I so appreciate your sharing spirit and know many others do as well!

Dede Warren

PS: Can you tell me what you use to bind your notebooks Rebecca? Thanks!


Oh boy - I sooooo agree! I usually make one each year and havent yet!
I LOVE yours!!! Its sooo gorgeous and there is just something about holding handmade in your hands isnt there...

gorgeous work as usual!!


Lana Kantosky

Wonderful. My planner cover is from 1996. I just keep updating the inside. With your inspiration I am going to spruce it up a bit. I, too, have failed to embrace electronic life tracking.

Pearl Maple

Who wants to be controlled by a beeping machine when they can choose to guide their day with inspirational color and fun accents


oh rebecca - it is lovely. i am a paper calendar girl too. i want to touch it and see it. great job. are those ever going in your etsy shop - 2014. I'm in if they do. :)


ummmm...will you please, pretty please turn this into a pdf we can purchase for those of us old fashioned gals that are so old fashioned we don't know how to make such files? It's awesome! oh- and love the to-do list...think it'd be fun to retire them vs erase when they get full of checked off items...then you'd have a year of accomplishments all right there on those cards, kind of a cool diary of sorts. xoxo


Hi Rebecca~ Do you mind sharing which software/template/program you used to create the actual calendar pages? I am having a terrible time finding any templates suitable for such a project. :-/ Thanks!


I love this!! I am not at all crafty so I really admire when people create something beautiful like this. How wonderful you created exactly what you wanted for your planner. Gorgeous!

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