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23 January 2013


Amy in Texas

I'm with you. I cannot do the electronic version of a calendar. I still need my paper and pencil. I make mine each year. It's one of the things I look forward to...kinda like new crayons at the beginning of school.


Perfect, Rebecca!!!
Like it very much...


I like to have a paper planner too. Your planner turned out really nice. Starting the day with them is the best. Whenever I remember to do that, my days are so much more productive. Luckily, it's finally getting to be more of a habit. Have a wonderful year! :-)


lovely and so brilliant. have a sweet story for you someday about old school durabilty vs techno fragility.


I think this is great! I have tried and failed many times and beat myself up for not being able to stick to electronic media. I'd love to be able to buy your weekly pages -- any interest in selling those?

PS I'm a big fan of your blog. I know that sometimes you just don't feel like it. That makes sense to me...but when you do post even if its been after sometime -- its always looked on with appreciation.

Bobbie Duran

Wow!, that is a great planner. I'm just like you and write all my appointments down in a planner. I did not make a planner for this year. I purchased one with enough writing room but hopefully next year I will make one for 2014. thanks for sharing yours.


LOVE THIS. Who needs a Moleskine?



I use Windows calendar, my iPhone calendar, and my PAPER calendar. This way, I have access to everything (if I remembered to put it on there) no matter where I am. Maybe if I start now, I could make a paper one for next year; because the one I bought this year was rather pricey, and it's not nearly as fun to look at as yours. That's the one I start and schedule my day with, too.

sharon from sharon stanley writes

oh my goodness what a delightful idea! i'm in love with this...i am a non-tech person too and do love a good list...i had looked for just the right planner and settled for the closest thing i could find, never thinking i should create just the right thing myself...duh (slapping myself on my forehead!) thanks for the idea...hmmm, you need to think of doing an online workshop for this project..it's a winner!


It's beautiful!!!!

Mieke Duyck

Your day planner is a piece of art already, when it will be filled up with all that happens this year, it will be a treasure to cherish! I just love it ( as well as your blog!), you really inspire me, thank you.
Mieke aka creatieveblogger (Belgium)


this is gorgeous & the forethought you put is makes it super practical! I've been trying to figure out a "rolling" priority list for ages.... You've got a great solution here, the pocket and the PENCIL! Also love your freehand script for the date, a dream of mine to learn how to do that .... tfs.


I like the computer a lot for certain things, but I am a paper girl when it comes to my calendar. This year's is very plain - perhaps next year I will be inspired to make it pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Sally Smith

Great job. I particularly like the calendar pockets and to think I've thrown so many of these fabric calendars away.


Rebecca, this is a gorgeous work of art! Will be so special as the year progresses to look back on 2013 in such an artful way!


This is so beautiful. I like it.. You've done what I wanted to do... maybe next year.


Oh, this is so beautiful! Love how you created a page for each day of the year! Any chance you could share that file, either here or etsy?
Thanks for sharing your planner!


Brilliant! Inspiring! Beautiful! I have been wanting a handmade planner for the past couple years but it seemed like such an overwhelming task to make one. I feared it would turn out bulky and too heavy to tote around. Thanks for pulling it all together & sharing it- your planner is clean, neat & pretty. Happy 2013 Rebecca! ps- I wish I was renting a beach house. :)

Yvonne Welty

Wow! I think this is your best work yet! I might have to steal some of your ideas for my own calendar. I would be hopeless making the cover but I can do some of your other ideas such as the master list and tabs.

I always enjoy your posts. Every time there is a new post I have to stop and read it.


Oh I love my planner... but you are giving me envy! So cute!

Thanks for sharing!
God bless....Brooke

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CD Muckosky

This is oh so dreamy girl!!! I could spend half a day in a planner that beautiful :)


this is gorgeous rebecca! i think i will hope to do something like this for next year, as i've already got a 2013 one. i, too, am an old fashioned planner girl. :)

Sheila R

What a beautiful piece of art for your planner! Gorgeous!

Robin Thomas




Gonna pin now...


Your planner is pretty and practical! I love the way you incorporate your creativity into everyday living. Thanks for sharing.

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