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16 January 2013



i love reading this...and seeing these peeks of your pages. your scrapbooking years ago was one of the styles that made me really want to tell our stories in this way. look forward to seeing what you create next! :)


Your scrapbook pages changed the way I scrapbooked! Truly, I was always inspired to write more meaningful things after I discovered your work. Somewhere along the way, though, it all became too much. Sadly, I don't even enjoy looking at many of my creations from that time! But the ones where I wrote from my heart are among my favorites. I still keep memories, but very very simply. And yet every once in a while, I long to create something like that again...

Bless you!


This is sooo good to hear! I first became a fan of yours through scrapbooking. I believe that you were one of the first scrapbookers that challenged me to think deeply about what I wanted my children to know about their story. I always loved your authentic, non-trendy style. I miss seeing that side of you.


What a fun trip down memory lane for me too! I first discovered your work when I bought a copy of Scrapbooking Life's Little Treasures and Scrapbooking Life's Little Moments. Spent many hours in them being inspired...hence, I recognize quite a few of those layouts☺

Sheila R

Oh, please share here! I know that sounds selfish, but you totally changed the way I scrapbooked and journaled. I remember the days when you had a column in Creating Keepsakes. Each time I received it, I scanned it for your column and always read it first. I still have both of your books and I just looked through them this past week.


Oh, I thought I was going to enlarge all those wee thumbnails...shoot.
I had an idea LOL...well, you could transfer your pics to fabric and do a fabric/scrapbook
Probably NOT my idea and you've probably even done it already.


You have had a HUGE influence on my work in scrapbooking. Love it that you may be dabbling with paper again! Your books are still my faves.

Betsey M

Your Scrap Art inspired me to bring more thoughtfulness to my own pages and journaling. That inspiration was a lasting change in the way I created. I have always loved Sharing the Story!


Add me to the long list of people whose scrapbooking you transformed! As was tradition, I had a senior son who I was supposed to make a baseball scrapbook for. I was unhappy with all of the examples they were showing us. Then one day, I was browsing through a scrapbook store when I happened upon a book titled, "Scrapbooking Life's Little Treasures", and I totally understood what kind of memories, thoughts and stories I wanted to share on my pages.
Now, after a few years hiatus (my kids grew up and graduated from college), I'm now re-entering the world of scrapbooking, and enjoying it at a much more leisurely pace, tackling a few small projects at a time, and enjoying the process from a different life perspective.

Hoping you'll share some of your journaling with us! Heck, maybe we'll see another book some day!


YES! So excited. Xo

Nancy Wethington

YES! I wish you were still designing scrapbook materials. I am hoarding some of the designs you did for K&Co. They are still some of my all time favorite scrapbook supplies - and timeless!

Dagmar Leueneberger-Swift

I loved this post, amazing memories you have recorded of your past..it seems appropriate that " time " is your word...I am always so happy to see your creativeness ❤

Leah C

I think I recognize some of those pages!! I loved the column you used to have in CK magazine...it was my favorite and always struck a chord with me:) It's been a while since I did any kind of paper layout; thank you, once again, Rebecca, for the inspiration!

Cherie Wilson

Love reading what inspiration seems ignited in you after French General and your wise words on time recently........ Agreed! I too, am inpsired. Back to your bracelet soon!! Thankyou sweet friend! XO

Yvonne Welty

Whether you are stitching or paper crafting you are a creative genius! I bought one of your journals (actually 2 now that I think of it) and I can't tell you how much pleasure they have been for me. LOVE THEM! Hope you have that creative mojo going for decades more! CRAFT ON!


Your pages make a great collage. :)


I've always loved your work, your scrap booking/memory keeping style was very inspiring and later your stitching, collage and mixed media equally as inspiring! Love your work and hope to continue to see much of it in 2013. Everything you do has such a gentle and thoughtful tone to it. Share on!


Your creations have always inspired me, beginning with your paper crafting and continuing into your stitching and fabric works. I was in your "Storytime" class at the very first CKU in Provo, Utah. A friend and I flew in from Michigan and it was a great experience. I still have your handouts from the class! I also have Scrapbooking Life's Little Moments, one of the few scrapbooking references I have kept over the years. I'm so glad we might see some new layouts from you, as well as the other wonderful works you do!

Courtney Walsh

Rebecca, I found you first through scrapbooking and just fell in love with your style. I've gone from fanatical to burned out to lukewarm and now seem to have a happy creative balance. :) it's funny how it ebbs and flows, isn't it?

I hope you'll share as you rediscover!

Robin Thomas

I will love seeing anything you end up sharing. They wer so lucky to have a class with you at French General. I do so hope for another class with you someday, sometime.

Debby Schuh

You know I've always been a fan - you changed my style of scrapbooking back in the day! I still hoard your EK Success stickers and tags! I'd love to see you do more with paper.


LOL I remember too. I used to buy your products (loved the little cutouts!) in a heightened happy place when I found out there was more 'out there' than party plan!! It seems so long ago - but that was my start to scrapbooking!!

I hope you do get back into paperland... you've been missed!

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