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14 January 2013


Ellen Stites

I am so glad to see you blogging again, I have missed it tremendously. Thrilled that your trip was all you imagined and then some. Kepp it up, Rebecca, your sweet, gentle creative nature, calms and inspires us. Thank you so much , Ellen

Sheila R

What lovely artwork created inspired by such a beautiful person inside and out. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

Nancy O'Rourke-Garcia

I have never seen anything I have made online before! I was so excited to see my little patch of stitching in your picture that I made everyone in my family come to the computer to see it! Your class was lovely, I did come home inspired and have been stitching each evening since, something I had stopped doing years ago and find I miss very much! Thank you so much for coming to CA to assist us and thank you for posting that lovely class on your blog! What a wonderful time at French General! Thank you, thank you! Nancy =^.^=


Hi Rebecca, I hope you don't get that stalker feeling when I tell you a little something. I just spent some time (okay welll a lot of time) going through your blog - in fact I went as far back as January 2010 believe it or not. I have followed you for a long time and absolutely love your work. It touches me in a place that I cannot explain yet I know you will know what I mean. I have been struggling the last year or so to try and move to my art full time. As I get older I realize the value of my art in my life. The beauty and the piece it gives me. When I see works like yours - tears actually come to my eyes - for a yearning and wanting to do this all the time. Sorry for dumping all this on you - I had to tell someone and somehow I knew you would understand. I am looking this year for an art retreat or rather an art camp for women where I can create but also I need to connect with other like minded spirits - any suggestions? You can email me back if you like (and I would like) at cathy.bluteau@videotron.ca) since if you respond to me here I may not see it!


What a lovely time. You inspire us.

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