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08 January 2013



What a beautiful way to look at the word TIME.

Barbara Eads

I think that sometimes, perfectionism interferes with time by eating it up! But it's pretty hard to change that when you were taught that ALL the work has to be done before the play can begin. And why is it that because we love something, that makes it play---instead of that which helps to feed our soul! I think you have picked the perfect word for your focus this year.


Lovely words and thoughts. Thank you for sharing them with us. Giving the best of your time for your gift of creativity is something I would applaud.


A few years ago it occurred to me (or God showed me!) that He created time. He created it just like he created the world and thus He can bless it, multiply it, grace it, you know what I mean. So, I pray for that. Some days I'm amazed at how He blesses it in what I get done but mostly I'm amazed at my attitude in not caring about what I don't get done because I've over burdened myself beyond what He asked of me to start with. And, sometimes I forget all of this and wish I'd done more in a day.
I'm sorry to go on. I think I needed to put this in words for my own benefit.
May God bless you and your time abundantly in 2012!!


Oops! 2013!!


I love the way you looked at time, especially valuing others'. My word is similar, it's PURPOSEFUL. I want to better use my time this year to be intentional and purposeful so I can have time to create and not let it slip away, while accomplishing nothing. I'm hopeful that I can be more intentional this year in finding my own creative voice.

See you Friday,


Wonderful post, I love the quote "There is more to life than increasing it's speed" Gandhi


These are all such important reminders. I have reflected a lot lately on how fast time seems to be speeding by, and what I can do to be more present. Happy new year! :)

SK Unger

I wholeheartedly agree! I am also removing things from my to-do list so that I spend better chunks of time on the really important things. I like what you said about honouring other peoples' time as well. What resonated with me most - was being creative as God intended you/ me to be and not just using left over scraps of time!! My word this year is "grace".


Beautiful idea! I agree we all probably should do less but do those things very well. My word is grateful. 2012 saw some unexpected changes & challenges but I plan to focus more on the things for which I do have & be grateful for my really wonderful life.


Lovely thoughts, thanks for sharing :) I always appreciate your perspective.


So I am not the only one who feels the need to get everything else done before creative time. May we overcome! :)

Vicki K

Blessings on you, Rebecca - and thank you for the TIME you spend here sharing insight and inspiration!!


A lovely post and great to see you back here.
Happy 2013!
Smiles, Andra

Sheila R

Beautiful thoughts. I love the thought of removing things from my running to do list. Thanks for coming and sharing a little of you here.

Robin Thomas

Completely lovely.


Sooz G

Where is the "like" button?! Lovely image, lovely sentiments, as always more lovely inspiration from Rebecca. Happy 2013 - here's to it being a lovely time for us all.

Leah C

You always seem to choose the best word! Love your thoughts on "time"...as always, you inspire, dear lady:)


Wonderful thoughts on your chosen word for this year, I'm a fan of your work I first admired it via Pintrest.

Courtney Walsh


I cannot thank you enough for this post. It's shifted my thinking at just the right moment. I've realized lately that time is worth something... and sometimes we spend so much energy doing things that just aren't worth the time it takes...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. :)

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