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23 March 2012



Ahhh.. I'm feeling this post! Most def. Happy Spring. :)

Heather Ales

On fresh air, spring days I love to open up every window, turn on some happy music, and clean. When the cleaning is done, and I can feel no guilt about not being "house" productive, I LOVE to spend the rest of my day in my art space just creating. It's the best ever!

I'd LOVE your recipe for almond butter cookies! They look delicious!


Then they become 18 yr old boys and eat even more!
Smiles, Andra


Ditto! Windows wide, baking and maybe even some spring cleaning... the first, best Spring day is a true gift and one to cherish.
But then again, I would love one of your journals too...


I love the way the land rolls there. Clothes on the line, that's something I don't see here. Lilacs remind me of my mom's lilac bush. And I'll be right over for a waffle! You got a lot of baking done. I know the aroma wafting from your kitchen had people salivating for miles around.

Sally Smith

You don't, perchance, have a potato flakes sourdough recipe, do you? Those look like the ones I bake every week. What a wonderful, prosperous day for you and you can always "work" another day. God's gifted you in so many ways.


Your photos are lovely. I can almost smell the bread and the almond. LOVE the way laundry smells fresh from the line!
xo, Cheryl


OOOhhh, that bread looks amazing. I love fresh baked bread.


I love to open the windows and just listen to the birds sing! I love this time of year when you can see the faint green on the trees and all the flowers popping up all around! I am like you and love to cut branches of flowering bushes like red buds and forsythias in the early spring, then when all the other flowers bloom I love a vase of fresh cut flowers from the yard...........just something about what we grown and being able to enjoy them not only outside but inside! Thank you for sharing always!

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