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27 March 2012



Groovy! Love this tutorial, thank you... I've always cut my small shapes out first, then free-motion stitched them, which can be difficult because the small pieces tend to shift and wrinkle in the process. I'll have to try it your way. Hope you're enjoying the springtime, & contemplating sharing your almond cookie recipe from the last post :) Hugs, rachel

Leslie McNeil

Simple. Sweet. Charming!


Free-motion stitching doesn't look so intimidating when you break it down like that. Thanks!

Karen B

Thank you for this tutorial. I've been wanting to try this and didn't know how. I didn't really search either, but here you go! Perfect. Now I need to find the presser foot. I love your art!

Dede Warren

You have always stood out as a generous artist Rebecca; just one more reason to love the art, and the artist! Your Mama raised you right!

Bobbie Lynn Duran

Thank you for sharing that with us. Love your work!

Linda Dunn

Wow: All these years I've cut the shape first. This is so much more inviting. I'm going straight upstairs to try. Thanks!

Cherie Wilson

What a sweet treat to learn this, and inspire me to play today too........hmmm and even to share a thing or two myself this week. Your generosity is inspiring.
Thank you for your heart Rebecca!

Mystic Blue Creations

Thank you!This looks like fun!

peony and co

Merci, les explications sont claires, cela paraƮt assez facile. Je vais essayer.

karen m

It's so gorgeous, fun & fresh! Would love to try this!!

Christy Hawkins

Thanks so much for sharing your really springy idea. I think I'll give it a try!
Christy Hawkins

Amy O'H.

Love this tutorial! And the end results are even better.

Beth McCrea Myers

Thanks for the awesome post and idea! I am really enjoying looking up Journals on pinterest and that's how I found your site.

Louise Murr

wow...you made that look easy. Now I have to go try it. Thanks for sharing. You are absolutely the sweetest person....


Rebecca, you always have the coolest stuff here! Thanks for sharing this. I really need to practice my free-motion stitching, so this will be a great project to try!


It would never have occurred to me to do it this way. I'm looking forward to trying it.


Awesome How-To's. Thanks for sharing :))

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