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05 January 2012



Beautiful word and fantastic project for it!
My word this year is FEARLESS.


Gorgeous! Funny, but a couple months ago I was journaling [in one of your journals] and the word 'GIVE' came to me, and I did a full page on the word...just decorating and embellishing it. On the back of the page I wrote about how I planned to give more, and the word give has stuck with me ever since. I have tried each day to give more of myself, and I have been so blessed! My new word for 2012 is 'RENEWAL'. Thanks for the project too! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


love love love this!! so inspiring! totally doing this with my word of the year...emerge...

thank for the inspiration! as always!


HOPE! I can never have enough hope. I'm in a particularly trying and intense time of mothering with my 6 and 3 year old boys...super active, super intense, super...well, super everything! Requires so much of me each day. It is my heart's desire to fill them, to give them everything I can, but I fall short so often. We also homeschool...something we deeply desire...but it is another layer of giving needed mostly by me. So, HOPE is truly what keeps me going. Hope that what I'm doing matters; hope that on our bad days/weeks/months, things will be good again; and hope that some day I will be with the Lord!

God bless you always, Rebecca!

Anya @ SAS-does

What a beautiful word you chose (and a cute project too).

I am having a hard time narrowing down all my ideas/thougts/expectations to one word, but if I had to, it would be "creativity" this year.


What a great word. I'm still mulling over mine for this year.

I love the negative space concept in this design of yours. Embroidering around the letters is a brilliant idea.

May this year be full of the awareness of God's good gifts to you and your family, Rebecca.


no word yet...but i love your stitching project..

Leah C

Give...such a good word:) My word for 2012 is "seek". Happy New Year to you & yours!


My word for the year is lovingkindness.
My dad was a pastor and the one sermon of his that stuck in my mind was the one on Lovingkindness. I can remember him sharing the background and his enthusiasm for the truths found as he studied for that sermon. Dad has been gone for 12 years now. When pondering which word to focus on, lovingkindness kept coming back over and over again.
I think Dad would be pleased.
Blessings on you in 2012 as you focus on giving.
I think I must consider making a sewing project such as yours. Very inspiring. As always.

Susan Reaney

Oh so beautiful! I chose Hope last year and courage this year, as my husband is terminally ill. What a great project. I need projects to keep my hands and mind busy! Thanks, Rebecca!

Sheila R

Beautiful word this year... Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

I didn't just chose 1 word this year, I am focusing on "following my bliss". Listening to what makes my heart sing and acting upon it. Spending quality time with my family and friends. Being content with just being me. Taking time to rejuvenate my creative passions and sharing them.


This is a great idea, and pretty! "Focus" is my focus this year. :)
Off to check out your other blog. Happy New Year, Rebecca!

Robin Thomas

Oh Rebecca.

I am pretty sure "give" isn't just your word for the year,MIT seems to be your word for your life.

Speaking of life, the journal with the word "life" embroidered on the blue linen cover is my 2012 journal.

I think I just found my word for 2012....


Oh that is so fun. I would love to try your technique when my word for 2012 comes to me.
Also, I am excited to find out more about your fabric drive because I am in the midst of PURGING my studio and I have a LOT of fabric that needs a good home. If it can help your Haiti project, all the better!!!

Happy New year!


LOVE this Rebecca...as i do everything that comes from your heart and hands. xoxo happy new year!


yes, it does seem as though it's your word for life :) great project...my 2012 is INSPIRE. something I want to really do for my 15 yo daughter


My word is Care as in take better care of myself & those I love. I want to be more aware of the needs of my family & friends & lend my help to take care of them.


Lovely, lovely work as usual ... a great idea and motivating, too. My word is more of a mantra/soul phrase. It is "find your voice". Thanks for sharing!


Vraiment sympa, I love.

Donna Rae Barrow

What an inspiration! The project is a perfect way to remind ourselves of our 'word' throughout year. Thank you!


My word this year is "emerge", chosen as I began to realize that I am finding my way again after a very difficult time in my life. I love your project and am off to pull out a recently purchased piece of linen. Thank you for sharing.

Amy P

My word is Thrive. Not just exist, so much more than succeed... I need to grow, expand, live and THRIVE :)


Such a wonderful choice for your word! I love, love, love your stitching project for it! May your hopes and dreams for 2012 be realized!

Barbara York

My word is to ACCEPT GOD'S Will for me. Everyone has such wonderful words. I love how you did your word GIVE.


What fun to read what everyones word is for this year...mine is "try" Try new art, If something new comes my way...give it a try...I've already put it to good use.

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