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20 December 2011


Leah C

Oh what a sweet treat:) Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas joy to you and your family, Rebecca.


Blessings to you and your family too Rebecca as you celebrate Christ's birth...

Sheila R

I love those sweet kisses too! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

A. Sanborn

You were the catalyst for my falling off the "If it's not on sale forget it we don't need it!" speech, Rebecca! {wink}

These candy cane kisses are the only thing I've purchased all season at full price + {$3.99 per bag}! I fought my Grinch off to find two bags locally to make these on Friday when my family arrives home!

Thank-you for sharing & Merry Christmas,

Might just make these for next years cookie swap! Of course I'll purchase them on sale! {smile/wink}


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Rebecca.
Smiles, Andra


Merry Christmas, Rebecca! Can't wait to try this recipe, and can't wait to see if you've chosen a word for 2012. :) Your blog has really touched my life. Just thought you should know that. Love, love, love to you and yours.


merry Christmas Rebecca! All the best for you and your family in the New Year, with many hours of happy family time!


Those look yummy, might have to make them next year. Already ate too many goodies this year! Merry Christmas!


Hi, Rebecca. Outrageous treat you've posted! And may you have a happy stitching holiday!
best, nadia


Què hi tinc jo a veure, digueu-me homes,
amb les espases i les batalles?
L’única estrella que prenc per guia
és la del gaudi i de la música.
Feliç any 2012 !!


very cute. i gotta print off this recipe and make them next year!!

Debbie Yanta, creator of Essential Luxuries

I can relate, to going down those aisles that should have been avoided, haha. Will have to make the cookies next year, they look yummy, and so festive with the red and white hershey kiss, didn't see those in the candy aisle this year, maybe thats a good thing.

Anne Sanborn

Happy Easter Rebecca!

I wanted you to know these were a hit at our 2012 Christmas cookie swap! We are suppose to bring a minimum of 4 dozen cookies and we line up and go through taking only so many cookies the 1st, 2nd, etc... times through so everyone receives the same amount and variety. There were only 2 cookies left my FIRST time around the table in line out of 4 dozen!

For my sister-in-law's birthday I sent her a sifter with a bag of the candycane kisses (checked the expiration date) and recipe for her birthday with a homemade CHRISTMAS tag {very long story)for her April Fool's B'day!

Thank-you for being a good sharer!


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