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04 November 2011



Wow. Beautiful bracelets. I wish for you safe travels and wonderful memories.
xo, Cheryl


have a safe and blessed trip.


travel safely
- love the bracelets! xo


Travel safe and I know in my heart you will have the best time. We would all love to see the moments you capture when you return.

Tammy Gilley

rebeccas, have a safe and happy trip. my love and best wishes to all of your friends in haiti. xo


I am so glad you are back creating and back to your Haiti mission. You have so much to offer those lovely peopl!


How beautiful. Have a wonderful trip.. looking forward to hearing all about it. Bless!

Sally Smith

God's speed, little sisters in Christ. My prayers are with you.

Deborah Hooper

I just discovered your blog. Soo excited as I just returned from La Tremblay, Haiti. I was there with a Mission Group- rebuilding a Methodist Church. We did a Bible school for the children also. You are so right- the people of Haiti are wonderful, what a great experience! Went there to help the people, but they so enriched my life! Keep up the great work! I hope to return next year, if able physically to help, as I am 65. God Bless you and your mission!

Leah C

Safe travels to you both:)


You are such a gift.


Really beautiful bracelets and a lot of meaning behind them. Safe travels for you all.


The Haitian women will love this new project - and your love for them.

Safe travels and a blessed time.

Jill Sprott

Be safe, and take care!

Cherie Wilson

Amazing and good things await the girls of Haiti and yourselves. How thrilling and humbling to be a part of such a plan! BE blessed! Prayerfully yours!


have a lovely trip rebecca. i look forward to hearing what you share upon your return.


I just finished reading Mountains beyond Mountains by Tracey Kidder about Paul Farmer and his work in Haiti. God Bless. I have to experience this vicariously. The bracelets are lovely. Are they macrame?

Andrew Statezny

Very beautiful necklaces! I'm sure the young ladies there will be thrilled to make some of their own jewelry. Especially something that fantastic.

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