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14 September 2011


Joan G.

Your focus board took my breath away for a moment. It is lovely and what a great idea!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Rebecca... ABSOLUTELY LOVELY... and a WONDERFUL IDEA... I see creating a seasonal focus board for myself on the horizon... XOXO!

Angie walsh

Absolutely agree with Joan! it's beautiful! And the more you look, the more you see! Amazing!!!


it's so beautiful.
your originality inspires :)


Love this, need to make myself something similar. Can't believe that summer is already over and fall in sneaking in.
The leaves are changing but I am NOT ready!


Simply gorgeous. And yes, I feel the same way.



It's wonderful, Rebecca!!!!
So appealing.....

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed

So many beautiful details. What a great idea.


Lovely, absolutely lovely! I can't stop looking at your pictures of the autumn focus board.


Love it. What an amazingly beautiful, simple idea that takes what you want and makes it a visual. There is so much to see, to understand, and to contemplate, and it is inspiring all at the same time.
I think you have come upon something very grand Rebecca - beautiful!

Robin Thomas


I can only look at the first two pictures. It's so beautiful I can look at it all.

I'll be back...

Vickie C

So very nice. It is helpful to have a reminder of what to focus on. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily have to that a person can lose focus. It's something I've been working on lately. Especially since I had a reminder that my mother will not be around forever. I've made an inspiration board but a focus board might be in order too.

Jill Sprott

This is just beautiful! Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Karen T

What a great idea - gathering like a harvest. A very striking visual image of the bounty and abundance of life.

Leah C

Oh how I wish I had focus like you do;) The board is absolutely beautiful...an inspiration indeed!

Jennifer Stewart

Absolutely beautiful, Rebecca! I'm starting a craft room redo and something similar will be on my wall. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. :) (for years!)



I didn't know that was yours when I pinned it :)
This is the best season in my sweet 'lil opinion...your board sums it nicely!


beautiful...thank you much for sharing! blest be :)


Absolutely beautiful fall work of art.


love your tag collection...we are heading for summer..so i will substitute..some shells, glad you back on line..more often, even though..i am ready to move away from this screen..


This is beautiful and inspiring. The colors and the feeling of it scream autumn!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I enjoyed seeing your focus board. It was beautiful. I think, though, that I'd spend so much time looking at it that I'd lose my focus on what it was trying to inspire! :)


Such a beautiful soul you are, Rebecca. What a to read as I begin my weekend. Guess I'll be starting my own autumn board this wknd. Thank you so so much.

Sally Smith

Gor-ge-ous! You, my dear, get my creative juices flowing. Thank you for sharing.


I am reveling in your work! Every time I read your blog I am reminded of what I want my life to be: artistic, beautiful, simple, focused. You are truly inspiring. Thank you!

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