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27 September 2011



Beautiful wise words. Hope you are well x


woohoo...your etsy stuff, woohoo, woohoo!
blest be :)


You are so right. Always love seeing your work.

Lynette (NZ)

Love to be reminded of those words and love the peeks - look forward to seeing more.


i was looking at postcards at our Isiko museum in Cape Town last week with Nelson Mandela's quotes...he is a remarkable man..and so glad to see his quote here, in between your beautiful work..


Good 'ol Nelson!!!
Wow...you have a small pic of yourself :)
Must have been some Haiti ones that did the trick LOL.


Hi Rebecca~ your blog quickly became my new favorite so i MUST buy something your hands & brilliant mind have created. When are you listing the new items? I've been checking your blog & etsy shop every day. I just don't want to miss out. Are you going to announce it on your blog before the items go up for sale? Thanks!

Cherie Wilson

Yay for you.....a new shop! Yay for us....your new shop! Your passion shared is inspiration for my own. Bless the sweet work of your hands Rebecca!

deborah michels

Hi Rebecca,
just wanted to stop by and see what you are up to. Your work is always an inspiration.
I am hopeless at keeping up my blog or posting anything I have been doing.
I have an etsy shop now. I would love you to have a look.
Cheers Deb


Over the moon! Just bought your 'carefree' journal. Thanks for sharing. :)

francesca dileo

man....oh man. i always get here too late... i've yet to be able to snag one of your handmade journals. dang it. so so so gorgeous... happy autumn..xoxx


Dear Rebecca Sower,

I am currently an A level student studying art textiles. I first came across your work a few weeks ago online, and wow, i was instantly inspired! Your work is so special. I must mention your 'autumn focus board', all those interesting textures and textile techniques are very inspiring.
I'm doing a project this year on the memories of my grand-parents. I have lots of vintage photographs to experiment with but i'm having some difficulties getting started. I understand your time is very limited as an artist, but any advice you have to offer would be fantasic!
I'm having trouble contacting you,this is my email... 05nata-b@pantycelyn.org

Thankyou for your time, i hope to hear from you!

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