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21 September 2011


Heidi Woodruff

Yum. Can't wait until our apple are ready(more like mid-October). I love apple "season"! ~Heidi

paige thomas king

love those, too! did you bring back enough to share?


We love those, too. Guess I'll have to make my own apple crisp if I want to see one! :)


Oh, gosh, I do love apple crisp. I've never made it with honey. I love honey. Going to try this as I've got some beautiful cooking apples from the farmers market. Thank you!

Dede Warren

Rebecca, does this recipe specifically call for honeycrisp apples or could I substitute another type of apple? I've never heard of honeycrisps, but I'll be on the lookout. The recipe looks great!!


I was at the fair this wknd too...just think we could have passed each other in the crowds :) This was the third year for my daughter and I...it has become a lovely way to spend my birthday! Hope you had fun!


That recipe look yummy, I'm sure to try it! We travelled to Eastern Washington last weekend and found a fresh crop of Honeycrisp to test. Nothing like em!


My favorite apple! Since moving to GA, they just don't seem to taste as good as they did in IN.


Apple season is upon us - so delicious! But I don't think I've ever tried a Honeycrisp apple.


Thank you so much for sharing your Honey Crisp recipe...
I can still remember the first time a friend cut a honey crisp apple for us to share...
we sat making yum oh and ahh noises...wish we'd had a recording! hah

Have been hooked every since and look forward to their arrival very much...they must be gaining in popularity as they seem to be easier to find than they were years ago!

Happy Fall from N Virgina!

jenny elkins

how was the Country Living show? Love Honey Crisps and even more crisp! thanks for sharing!

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Hi Rebecca,
I will be walking up to our local market tomorrow and get some our our fabulous apples here in BC...and make your recipe...You sound so happy where you are..and isn't that just the best thing?


Just stopping by your blog after reading Tara Frey's book - Blogging for Bliss and found this entry. Honeycrisp are one of our family favorites too! Our own apple trees are keeping us busy right now (but with very small apples), but I'm looking forward to picking some up soon.

I've never seen an apple crisp recipe that called for either honey or maple syrup - sounds yummy and I have some lovely local honey to use! Thank you for sharing - both here and in Tara's book!

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