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19 August 2011



I get to be first comment? YAY. I LOVE your studio...see that you have old storage drawers of card file cabinets or such. Love those. Happy creating!
xo, Cheryl


What a beautiful space you have. I like your worktable, and the library shelves, and the cubbies...ok, I like it all!


but wait- where does all the cool old cluttery stuff go? I need a barn too .... ! beautiful and inspiring, Rebecca. xoxo

Suzette L

Your studio is so beautiful, clutter and all! It seems like it is such an inspiring place to be! So glad to hear from you today!

amy in Texas

You have a beautiful space!


How very awesome that you have post office boxes! Also, you've really inspired me to just put my own little creations everywhere. I've done that some but why not more? Your space is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pictures!


Greetings from Tunisia! I'm enjoying your blog and artwork while trying to beat the heat. Your studio looks so inviting. I just posted about my studio, too--maybe it's the season?
best, nadia


looks beautiful rebecca. i always love when you show photos of your studio. i love all your cubbies filled with treasures.


It looks so bright and airy. You have such a great space for creating--I especially like all your cubbies for storage. Thanks for insiring me to revamp my craft stash!

Sally Smith

I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations for Fall and Winter. Wonderful workspace, Rebecca. The best to you.


Love your studio!!!


So inspiring, Rebecca! Yours is what I've always wanted my space to look like. Time to go clean out and reorganize!



Gunnel Svensson

It´s looks so beautiful in your studio! good luch with your creating!

Vickie C

White paint does do wonders. Love your storage.

Donna Rae Barrow

Gorgeous, fresh, and perfectly inspiring!

ruth rae

aw! your space! what a great place, love your large center table, I always wanted a table that I would roam around but my space is long and narrow. would love to dig and paw through your things! Bring on the clutter and get creating! (I always work best when there is less then a inch left of empty table space myself! the creative mind is never a tidy place I fear!)

Happy Creating~


I want to live in here :-)


My scrapbooking area tends to be a dumping grounds, too. Love that fresh, clean look!

Cherie Wilson

I think you could sell tickets to this amazing space dear girl! It is good to see you are up and creating. I aquired a similar table this summer and LOVE the work space. Oh and that adorable pale blue desk chair of yours! Have a sweet Summer's end! XO

Jennifer Stewart

So, so beautiful, Rebecca :) I have been wanting to paint my room back to white and this just gives me so much motivation. Thank you as always for sharing your beautiful ideas with us.


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