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30 August 2011


Leah C

It's so very lovely! Perhaps I should start growing some sage:)


Well, we certainly have twigs, thanks, Irene. What a nice, natural wreath. I was wondering about the greenery. Thanks for covering that. The flower piqued my interest, too; how simple, yet lovely.


Charming. And I have tons of sage!

Suzette Ladouceur

Okay! I'm going to try this! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas :)
Much love :)

Robin Thomas

Just busted that out from what you had lying around?


And this is why I bow to you Ms. Sower....


beautiful revamp! love your coffee rose Mx

Mitzi Curi

Very lovely, Rebecca! I especially like the little flower embellishment.

Sheila R

Love to see what you create with things gathered.

Sally Smith

Yes, good job. Dried sage isn't bad either--a nice gray-green color could be the base for a Christmas wreath. I always love your creations.

barbara lassiter

We have more twigs down than we know what to do with. Hurricane Irene brought down lots of them along with a tree which clipped the back corner of our house and screened porch. I love this wreath and its such a great idea. I have no sage this year because my sage plant(almost a bush) finally gave it up last year. I do have rose-hips from a wild rose I've wanted to use in some way! When we're past this little episode in our lives, I'll come back to your blog for this post. We have been most fortunate and with no major structural damage and we are thankful!


this is beautiful rebecca! if only i had more tree limbs to access in oklahoma :) maybe i'll collect some when we head out to NC in the fall!


You blow me away with your talent and creative mind! Thank You for always inspiring.....................

Mandy Collins

Love the natural honesty of a twig wreath and the coffee filter flower is a perfect little accent

Melony Bradley

This will be the incentive to get out in my yard and rake up all those loose twigs the Spring and summer storms bought us this year. I love that used something you have been keeping, knowing that it will turn into something useful (wreath form). I am always trying to convince my family that this is a good idea without trying to be too much of a packrat!



i have everything ready to make this wreath. my son was so excited to help me. we take little walks everyday to find treasures. we brought back enough twigs and sticks this time for this project. thank you for sharing this craft.

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