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26 June 2011


Linda L.

Looks like the corn is tasseling too... No explanations or apologies are necessary to those of us who visit your blog for whatever reason. I live in Jackson, TN, and feel the same pull to the soil in warmer weather. Enjoy this season.

Suzette Ladouceur

It looks so peaceful and calming. Enjoy your summer the way you want to :) Much love.


Love this post! Reminds me of our big gardens when I was a girl. My dad always planted a row of dahlias.
Enjoy this season away from the studio.


I so understand. My creative desires have taken different forms during this season of life. It's been a long time since I sat down to create at a table! But I trust the Lord is giving me chances to create other kinds of things right now, those that cannot always been seen or touched or heard....

Leah C

I love all of it too...all things about your blog;)


how awesome to get out and enjoy all the garden blessings, creativity in the garden blesses with fruit all it's own...you are indeed blessed! :)


I do not blame you... not one little bit. This is the time of year to soak up the sunshine and deeply breathe in the air. Enjoy!


Our summer here is so short that any minute I can be outside, I am there. Your garden is growing so beautifully, and as it grows, it nourishes your creativity.


Yummy! Love the friends you found in the garden!
xo, Cheryl


What better source of inspiration than dwelling among the master creator's handwork? In the creative garden of your spirit seeds are sown, allowed to germinate, grow, and then the harvest. Can't wait to see what comes out of your studio after this season. Loved seeing your garden buddies. :)

Donna Rae Barrow

I gather such sweet inspiration in my garden, the very things you've mentioned: the colors, the textures, the aromas. My artful projects lately have consisted of canned beets and pickles, blooming sunflowers, and richly marinated and grilled veggies. We are children of a creative God, called to the delights of His creation. Let's enjoy them while the season allows!


I think we all have to step out of the ring for a while. Enjoy this wonderful season and the riches it brings. I love the first photo so much, something really peceful about the that particular image... hugs Mx


I know exactly how you feel! Creating is something we can all do when the cold winds blow and the snow is falling. So enjoy the long hot summer days outside! I LOVE SUMMER................


Lovely, peaceful image and words! That's one of the reasons why I do visit. Much of my creativity has been poured into cooking this summer. Am loving the exploration and discovery of healthier alternatives and of creating them all by myself! Have a wonderful summer.


I love your blog. I am such a NYC girl, that I love coming here and reading about the country life. I have been fortunate to vacation in different places in this country,and there is something special about country living (even if I only get to camp out on rare occasions) that makes me happy...Reading in the woods is a favorite of mine...People ask why I bring books to camp, and I say "It is so nice to soak in the quiet and beauty while reading instead of all the background noises at home of tv, radio, phones etc. Thanks for sharing your fun blog with us.

Sheila R

I love your garden. I too find myself longing to be in my garden this year. It is peaceful, inspiring and my kiddos are finally sampling veggies and fruit that they never would before (and even enjoying them). If I had known that this would be the way to get them to eat tomatoes and strawberries I would have done it long ago.

Enjoy your garden and thanks for your update from the garden.

deborah michels

Hi Rebecca
Your garden is beautiful. Its winter here in Nz, wet and muddy, my garden is bare except for parsley. Creativity takes us in many different directions. I am sure you are doing what is just perfect for right now.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Thanks for the trip through your garden. If only my tomatoes looked that good--we're having a problem with holes in them--since I'm a novice and want to keep it organic, we're not sure what to do.
The picture of that kitty in the carrots was precious. Don't worry about not being in the attic now. You're inspiring us anywhere you are.
Take care,

Robin Thomas

I have wondered where you have been. I am now perfectly happy to picture you in overalls nibbling on soporific cabbages...

Jean Hawkins

Oh My! I can just smell the wonderful aroma of the tomato leaves and dream about how delicious that red juicy real tomato will be! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with those of us who wish to garden but do not have a place to do so. We are there with you in our hearts!


Your garden is so inviting how could you do anything but spend your time in it. I too have been neglecting my art room in favor of enjoying sunshine and nature.
We are busy painting our home...which although I am not a fan of painting I am finding quite therapeutic...similar to gardening...but I must admit, if I suddenly became Samatha from Bewitched I would not hesitate to twitch my nose and have it all done. Enjoy your summer...Thanks for sharing a bit of your garden with a city dweller :)

Cherie Wilson

There is nothing about you that cannot inspire. I love how you are obedient to your hearts desire and I am certain it will spill out into your studio at just the right time! Love it all! XOXO

deb christensen

i have to tell you, reading about your beautiful garden, and all the chores it entails, is as inspiring as seeing your stitching...so continue on!
and i swear i can taste that tomato...oh my a real tomato on a plant, that hasn't been hidden in the dark of a refridgerated container on the back of a barge for days and days as it makes it's way north...
you are very blessed. wanna trade for a fresh salmon?

francesca dileo

to reap what you sow... that is a dream of mine. to own a little hobby farm, with rows of vegetables and perhaps some chickens, a goat, ok and maybe a sheep too... i come here for creative inspiration and to live my country girl dream vicariously through you. we all need to refuel and what better time to do it but during the beautiful summer, and i agree, can't wait to see what you create in the fall and winter months...enjoy. enjoy. enjoy.


you are right where you need to be! miss you!

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