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04 March 2011


Anne-Liesse Ankeny

So nice to hear from you again. I'm sad to hear that your studio isn't calling you--I love to see the result when it does. I am also interested to see just what you have in store for that barn. It looks heavenly in the photo.
Take care,


Can't wait to hear about your plans for the barn. I've been busy making fabric flowers to send to a friend in England & spending as much time outside as possible.


So lovely to hear from you. Seasons of creativity wax and wane, and like you know, it's best to go with the flow. I'm certain that you are being creative in other ways these days.
I'll be curious to see what plans you have for your barn...

Karen B

I too love to see what your studio comes up with, but I can attest to the fact that you can't force creativity. Looks like you're just embracing different facets of it. Well, I'm packing boxes and cleaning houses in preparation for a move next Tuesday to our "dream home". Have posted a little about it, but that will come to a screeching halt next week. We may not have internet for awhile in the new place!!! Whatever will I do?


So happy to hear from you, Rebecca! I've loved hanging the laundry outside again, watching my daughter run in the yard while I work, and... we are expecting again! I'm going to try my hand at a small veggie garden this year. I've not been too successful in the past, but I'm not one for giving up :) So glad to hear from you and I can't wait to see what happens in your barn!

gretchen ciccotti

I loved reading about Thistle Farms- thanks for sharing (I just ordered a few things!) I also love your new bracelets- especially the one with the pearls and the forget-me-nots. I want it!! Good luck at the show!

Courtney Walsh

I love your blog, Rebecca. I need to catch up but so glad you posted an update today! :)

auntie bliss

Artifacts...do you know Paige at Hodgepodge? I love her! And those shops...wow.


Good to see an update. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve with the beautiful barn! I haven't started in seeds indoors and probably won't. I don't have a good set up for lighting. I think I should just set up a couple of quick and easy cold frames out side though.

Leah C

So happy for the update...I always enjoy your words:) The seedlings look so fresh & green; can't wait for spring! And I'm "drooling" over your big, beautiful barn{wish we had one}...curious to see what you're planning:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Carolyn S

Rebecca - we are so grateful for you coming to Thistle Farms and spending time with us! Thanks for the post and we hope your readers will catch a glimpse into what we're all about here too. The door is always open - come back anytime. Love from Carolyn and the women of Thistle Farms.

Kendall Welsh

We love having you here Rebecca! And as a matter of fact, I sold one of your wonderful necklaces just moments ago - so I would say it is safe to say you will do well in our local market

I have played in your booth more then I care to admit. And plan on playing more later this afternoon for a project I have in mind - and I know you have the tidbits to help me get there!

And to Auntie Bliss - she does indeed know Paige at Hodgepodge. Paige also owns ARTifacts! And I am blessed to call her my sister.


When we were still living in Nashville
I had hoped to have been able to head
out and see Thistle Farms. I first
heard about it in a British magazine
of all things! I think it's so great
that these women are being given the
opportunity to create such wonderful
product and be able to heal in the

Sally Smith

Great to hear from you again and glad to see that you are branching out to neighboring towns. You have much talent to share. Looking forward to seeing the results of the "barn mystery." Loving your bracelets--and your and God's tomato plants. I've been remaking clothing into prom dresses--very interesting and different from what I had been doing. Sometimes, all you need is a change to get those creative juices flowing.


Rebecca, I've been a big fan of yours and of Artifacts and was tickled to see your booth there! When Kendall posted that you were open, I admit to shrieking and jumping in the car. I bought one of your quilted journals (and some other goodies) to scrapbook our trip to England last fall. I hope you find your creative groove again soon because you've certainly sparked mine.


Love that barn!! Maybe it would make a great studio? Or an antique store?? Your jewelry is amazing!! Love when there's a new post from you!

Susan Beth

Your barn intrigues me, as we have a barn that is under utilized, and it always seems we should do something great with it. Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours. Busy here shoveling snow this weekend, and conducting a school fundraiser via Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

paige thomas king

you're a fabulous addition to ARTifacts! we are so glad to have your creative presence within our midst--you've elevated our status!
thanks for opting to give it a go.

Brittany Carden

I'm glad you've posted again. I love reading your blog. :) I've been starting an indoor garden as well, I absolutely love it. :D


Rebecca, thank you for introducing us to Thistle Farms and Artifacts. I live in TN and didn't know of either one. They will be on my list to check out.
Your new pieces for Artifacts are just beautiful!

Rachel R

I love that old barn Rebecca, can't wait to see what you do with it. And the bracelets are fabulous too!

Gerri lesley

Drop by for a visit to see what I've. Bto been up to. Love your blog,your work, your style! Have plans for my barn too! Happy spring, Gerri


Love the old barn ... I dream of having one someday. Wish I lived closer and could come visit your booth at Artifacts! Just placed an order with Thistle Farms. Thanks for sharing about them!


Good morning, dear Rebecca.
Nice to visit you again and look at the beautiful things you include in your posts.
I have been in the midst of an embroidery project for one of my daughters in law.
It is very relaxing.
I look forward to the finished project, sending it along and then posting in at my place.
Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!
Enjoy this day,
Dawn @ 4:53 am

Patty Rose

Rebecca, I am so excited! I am visiting my mother in Shepherdsville, Kentucky on the 19th and we are going to drive down for the day to Clarksville to visit Artifacts! I hope there is something left in your booth by the time I make it down there! I have always admired your things and it will be wonderful to see them in person. I have my gift list and can't wait! I am going to Paris in 34 days so I will need something extra special to wear!

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