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21 March 2011


lorraine lewis

It sounds like a beautful life on the farm. my girls are doing at lot of squaking these days too! I love it.
Rebecca I am so excited to see what you are doing with your barn-i'm sure it will be wonderful.

Have a great week and I keep an eye out to see what you and Jenny are doing for the sweet people of Japan.

cari bruno

Oh, I want a garden.
I think I'll put that on my "to do" list. first, I have to buy a fence to keep the dogs out.
I'll keep you posted.
Have a lovely week
cari b.

vickie ann

Hi! We still have at least a foot of snow to melt before even thinking of gardening In Northern Minnesota. Snow is in the forecast for the next couple of days...storm watch actually...We are zone 3...Your pictures look so nice compared to slush, ice, and dirty snow...he he he


No way!
Life gets busy.
We all know that.
Always a pleasure to read a new post.
Happy Springtime!
Dawn @ 4:53 am

patti sj

Butterfly gardening is all I manage these days, still a little early for them; but clean-up comes first, as you know. Will need to get those host plants in the ground soon. I love that you share your "real" life with us, and obviously you share with others in need through your art projects. Thanks for a peek at your trips, beautiful. And the hen! It's been years since I've been around chickens, my dad raised them. I remember gathering eggs, and finding an opossum in a nest box once.


Springtime here in the Arizona desert means the city's jammed packed with baseball fans, spring-breakers, golfers, and snowbirds so it's best to just stay home and work in the yard. This time of year means pruning back shrubs (many hard hit by a freeze in January) and testing drip-systems for leaks. I spent all of yesterday repairing a main line which had been pinched by some tree roots but am glad I discovered it because without precious water here in the desert, all you are left with is rocks and dust. Which is pretty much all you have anyway, oh, how I miss green. Thankfully, I have Rebecca's post to reflect on. Can't wait to hear more about the barn, never knew hens could be fussy about their eggs, and look forward to hearing how to help the people of Japan. Write more, soon!


I love hearing about life on your farm. It sounds so wonderfully rewarding. The extent of our gardening was replacing our old landscaping ourselves two weekends ago. We really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see how your barn turns out!

Leah C

Sounds like a wonderful life...not easy & perhaps not carefree, but wonderful still:)


No gardening here yet, although I weeded around the herbs recently. It's getting close to when I can plant the cool weather seeds, though.


I must agree ... your hen does not look like she wants to be messed with! Looking forward to seeing more pics of your barn. I'm thinking of doing potatoes, too, but wondering if I should have planted in the fall since I'm in Indiana? Think I'll google that tonight and see what I can find. Blessings!

Georgene Lockwood

In Northern Arizona it's snowing (!) but it's on the brink of freezing so shouldn't hurt the apricot or peach trees that are in full bloom on our property. My raised bed has onions, sage, lavender, chives and oregano coming up from last year. I was unhappy to see the lemon balm didn't make it.

I'm ready to start seeds indoors this week and an early planting of lettuce, chard and spinach will go in this week.

I've also embarked on a new project -- planting a Wardian case (Victorian for "terrarium"). I bought an orchid as a start and will have a photo of it on my blog tomorrow. We're so dry here I thought some plants I long to have that don't do well will thrive in an enclosed environment. We'll see!

I envy you the chickens, but don't want the work! I have neighbors who do that for me and I pay them . You sure do look like you have one mad hen there!

Happy Spring!

Holly McLean

Well, I'm envious of you and even of the commenter white the foot of snow. we've got at least 6 feet and it has gone down a couple of feet in the last 2 weeks. we're expecting a little more tomorrow too. It's even too soon to start my seedlings indoors. More time for sewing.

Susan Beth

Love your update! SW Montana doesn't have any green yet, and the only "gardening" is the planting of seeds indoors and the clearing of muddy beds from the debris of winter. But spring has let us know of it's coming through the return of the birds, the melting of snow in the yard (only to come again overnight and melt again by the afternoon), and that special light from the sun rising higher in the sky as the days go by.


My garden dreams are big, but this is not the season in my life to embark on big projects...so, I'm keeping things simple! My son and I are enjoying watching our coleus seeds emerge from their tiny, tiny shells (aren't seeds just miraculous!!!) and I'm loving watching the bulbs bloom from the little garden-in-a-pot that my hubby gave me. Blessings to you!


Springtime in Florida for me is that the bikers, race car fans and spring breakers descend upon us. It is also the return of my sweet, loyal hummingbirds, the bloom of my Red Bud Tree, days at the beach when the heat is not unbearable and so much more!

I am not one to spend a great deal of time outside but this year, I am making it a daily routine and am feeling the benefits!

I grew up in Charleston, SC and know the beauty of a southern city. I have had some of the best photo-taking trips in Savannah.

So happy to see a post from you today! I am a new follower and have been reading many of your past posts! Thank-you for working with Jenny on this new project. I feel blessed to have been asked to participate.

Many blessings to you and your family!
Roben-Marie :)


Had to giggle over the "brooding" story. How many times have I {we?} referred to brooding over something. Yet, I {we? oh say it's not just me!} don't think I've ever connected the dots as to the origins of this word! But sure wish I had room for a real garden here in suburbia. It's how I grew up...compost piles, a freezer full and shelves in the basement holding 100's of canned goods...tomato juice, sphagetti sauce, dill pickles [and my favorite, small green tomatoes put up like dill pickles], etc. The northern most dark corner was where you stashed onions and potatoes to make them last as long as possible. Such fun memories. But I do grow lots of perennials and check on them daily to see who's appeared on the scene, who's gotten bigger overnight... Thanks for stirring up some sweet memories in me! Xo


Rebecca, if your daughter chooses SCAD, let me know. I'll be happy to provide her with a few home-cooked meals. Savannah is a beautiful place to live. I envy your garden space. Since we moved here, I have no space for anything except a few containers.

jocelyn hession

Thank you for a glimpse into your world as spring time takes over..... I could actually smell the grass. I'm filled with admiration at the hard work involved as you shift from winter to spring.


It's so good to see you back!
I do like reading about "life in the hen house". :)

Love, Colette


My husband went to college in Boone. He would love to take us there to show us around but as of yet we have not made it. It sounds like you are keeping plenty busy these days. For everything a season.


My garden (or what will be my brand new garden) is under a foot of snow. But I am plotting and planning and dreaming...
I love when you post but am happy to know you are out there, happy in the sun...

deborah michels

I think being connected to the earth is being creative. I plan to plant out my winter veges this wknd with a few winter flowers for my Poppy girl who loves to pick the little flowers in the garden, she has taken to picking basil leaves and smelling them because I showed her what it is.
Trying out my new shiva paintsticks in my studio - love the smell....bliss.
Love Deb


As with other commenters still dealing with snow, I adore hearing your updates and seeing pictures of GRASS. Today we are getting yet another storm, my 13 year old looked out the window this morning and wailed "PLEASE! STOP!" We had a big melt in the last couple of weeks, and I even saw a tulip starting to emerge, but now everything is covered in a blanket of white again. I will keep gardening on paper, for now.

barbara lassiter

I love the NC mtns....I grew up in the piedmont area of NC but graduated from Western Carolina U(a long time ago). Those four years in the NC mountains fostered a life-long love for those beautiful mtns. I no longer live in NC, but will travel there at the drop of a hat, given the opportunity.
Thanks for the little memory trip!!!!

Karen Owen

We won't abandon you! Don't you just love Savannah?

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