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09 February 2011


Tracie Lyn Huskamp

ME TOO Rebecca.. I LOVE SKIRTS TOO!!! I look at my skirts every morning and sigh...


the storm came through this morning for us. i never wear skirts or dresses although i love seeing them on people. i actually wore one yesterday. it was one of those mornings where i felt like wearing one. this mosaic looks amazing. thank you for sharing these beautiful creations.

Susan Beth

I am all for no more snow, but honestly, I'm warmer in a skirt - body heats the air trapped in the skirt - but it has to be a pretty long skirt. Still, no snow all the way! Here in Montana I've got months to wait - can't plant in Zone 2 until mid-June, so I'm resigned to snow and cold for a while yet.

paige thomas king

folks are generally pretty surprised when I show-up in jeans. my husband refers to my attire as my "laura ingalls" or pilgrims' progress."
you've posted some pretty temptations!

Georgene Lockwood

I'm a skirt fan, too, Rebecca. In colder weather I still opt for skirts, but heavy velvet ones with my silkies underneath AND knee highs and boots. I am looking forward to the light gauzy ones and sandals though! Soon. Spring. Soon.


I have very nasty (as in n.a.s.t.y) varicose veins so no skirts for me :( but my youngest daughters LOVE them so I get to buy little cute ones for them :)

Leah C

Me too!


There is something comfortable about skirts! As a teacher for ten years at a Christian school I HAD to wear skirts and dresses every day, so I was a little tired of them. But after being home for almost threee years now, I do like skirts again, since I get to choose to wear them now :)

Cherie Wilson

I was thinking this exact same thing looking in my closet just this morning!!! and then my next thought..........wishing I could fit into more of them..........then next, looking on the bright side .......maybe they will fit by Spring! :) Still, for now~ I love skirts with boots and leggings. Oh yeah. Happy Weekend Rebecca!


we had ice here just the other day, but it's suppose to get into the 60s today!! skirts soon! :)



Kelly Ash

We may have snow & ice right now in Maine, but I just got back from a week in Key West (will be blogging about that later this week) and I was so excited to wear some skirts! I think I wore one almost every day of our vacation!

Love seeing all your skirts!


debra cooper

my feelings exactly! I wear the same jeans and 3 long sleeve shirts daily because I'm a grouch when I'm cold. I soooo miss my cute warmer weather clothes!


Those skirts are adorable!


"Skirts" would be the name of my imaginary business of taking old sweaters, felting, then embellishing them, and turning them into skirts. I too love skirts ~ with leggings, or jeans, or silk underwear, or on their own (soon please). So fun, feminine and funky! Your collage made me smile; and that first photo stopped my heart. Love it!

A Twitter User

YES! YES! YES! Oh where is the warm air that makes traipsing about in a light cotton skirt possible? Love the visual quilt of skirts! Here in Seattle we have about 2 months that are potentially skirt weather (without tights!). Thanks for the hint of warm weather!

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