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15 February 2011


Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Good morning..this was such a lovely post..as you do so often.. You are like a breath of fresh air..you must have a really peaceful soul. Somehow when I read your blog and the quote you have chosen......it just sets the day right.
Thank you for this...

Lorraine Lewis

Beautiful roses Rebecca, I love how you processed the image.
The quote is wonderful.
Enjoy the warmth of your beautiful day- is there anything more divine than the scent of spring making it's way past winter?

Will you be selling your pretty aprons? :-)

Janet Ghio

Beautiful roses!! It's melting here also, but not all gone yet--but the sun is shining!!

Georgene Lockwood

Gorgeous roses. I got red ones . Love the aprons. I think I have tea towels a lot like those in my linen closet. You've inspired me to get them out (iron?)...


Everything is so beautiful! And your roses are lovely!


Beautiful aprons...
Our snow is melting ever so slowly.
Maybe after the warmer days later this week, we will begin to see our sidewalks again.


Thank you. I needed those words today!


What an awesome quote! Lots of great inspiration...esp. love the colors/textures in those ribbon flowers. I found myself wanting "to pet" that velvet one... Xo, Sue

Tracey Holdyk

What a beautiful way to start my day by reading your post. I adore those aprons and that quote made me stop breathing, just for a second before running outside to soak up the sun.
Love me :-)

Robin Thomas

Yes, yes, ride it bareback, love that. Your pictures,posts and creations are just a warm bath and a lavendar candle burning to my computer screen.


Leah C

Sounds heavenly:)

Julie B.

Love your roses and I can smell the crisp linen scent of your aprons! Spring is busting through the doors with crocus poking their little heads out of the earth! Happy day Sweet Rebecca!


beautiful photos as always! xo natalea

deb christensen

everytime i visit your blog, i feel like i'm 12 again, sitting in my gramma's sunny kitchen, with skinned knees and chocolate cake. (and let me tell you, i haven't been 12 in a very long time) that's what you do for me. i appreciate you much. you are like blogeopathic blood pressure medicine.
deb in kodiak.


Oh, that quote! Fantastic!


all so lovely, Rebecca.

Cherie Wilson

B-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g all of that in. Just came indoors and can still smell the freshness. My heart resonates with all of your post Rebecca. The anticipation is growing:) Lovely, slow weekend to you! XOXO


Beautiful aprons and flowers! Wish you a pleasant weekend /Therese

Sena Garrett

Love the ribbon flowers! Soooo pretty.


Rebecca... I came upon your blog... by accident??? I think not, God doesn't make mistakes. Very touched about the Haiti by Hand and am now a follower and prayer partner. Thank you for being a vessel unto the Lord. Your blog is so inspirational. thank you, and know that you are also in my prayers :)

Sister in the Lord


i always LOVE reading your blog. you inspire me to be both reative and brave.

thank you.


Your roses are so beautiful! And I love the aprons you've crafted. I'm dreaming of spring, but winter is still blasting us here in Indiana. They are predicting another 7-10 inches of snow and ice starting tonight and going into tomorrow. As much as I love each season for different reasons, I'm ready to move past winter and into springtime. Blessings to you!

jocelyn hession

I just revisited your blog even though it's listed as a blog I heart on my blog, it had been a while. I'm reminded of the heart warming content and precision with your words... not to mention exquisite photographs... and that amazing quote! Plus, I love the pieces you submitted to Artifacts. I want to take blogging lessons from You! xo


I am glad I found your blog. I am in NYC and I love it, but reading your blog made me wish for a quieter life in the country. I can't fathom fresh eggs and sewing aprons. So lovely. I was touched about the Thistle company and that they pray for the recipient. It is just such a beautiful spirit.

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