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07 January 2011


Leah C

Wise words, Miss Rebecca:) Your creativity is so amazing to me...every thing you make is a work of art. Truly! Now, I'm off to spend the day "nourishing" my lil' creative spirit:)

Angie Walsh

So inspirational! Many thanks for your wise words! xx


Thought-provoking. I have a hard time of letting go and letting myself, my true self, shine in my art. You've given me some thoughts to chew on. Thank you.

I'm off to create a mosaic of my creations over the past year or two.

Lisa H.

This was what I was attempting to contemplate today on my blog! Thanks for providing some more fodder for thought. The timing was perfect....


Lovely thoughtful post, thank you & Blessings for you in 2011.

Jill Green

As I'm already floundering in this new year, I SOOOO needed these words today. Thanks for sharing your encouragement.


agape :)

Dawn B.

I really struggle with this too. I find that my creativity will just stall out. Then I know it is time to refocus and go a different direction.. Beautiful post.

Joy Bayer

So appropriate for me, especially as I have been contemplating a question my friend,(who happens to be a therapist) recently asked me while we were working on a project.
"What would you create if you weren't concerned about selling it?..."
I'm not sure I have an answer to that.


Love this post:) Great advice:) I think you are one of the most creative people I know. It is amazing to me the things you make and what you put into them:) I think..........I would have never thought of doing that with that:) CREATIVE!!

Robin Thomas

Pretty much, my reaction to this is I would like a set of sheets printed with that mosaic.


yes, it IS helpful to look back on our accomplishments and give ourselves a little credit. so glad you've done that! happy new year!


Thanks for the link to Big Huge Lab ... I have just spent the last hour playing at some of the photo creations ... so much fun! You have just helped me begin to address some of the photography issues that I've been having on my little blog! Huzzah!

lori vliegen

rebecca, please close your eyes and imagine the enormous hug i'm sending you for sharing your heart this way......thank you sweet gal!!
xox, :)))

Deryn Mentock

A terrific way to start the new year, Rebecca. Thanks!


Thank you for the thoughtful message today! Just what I needed to hear. Your "book of work" still amazes me and touches me. I love how you bring yourself to the pieces, makes them all the more special and inspiring.

Deryn Mentock

Rebecca, I hope you don't mind that I made my own. Great idea...thank you!

Patty M

Beautiful post and so true...This microwave society we live in should not find its way into what nourishes our soul. Alot to ponder today...

Vickie C

I really like this. It will fit well in my journal I'm working. I found an old post in Hub Pages titled artistic life makeover. I'm creating my own journal centered around that. I found an article in a magazine that is wonderful for the physical part and have been working on that. I would like to use some of your words in the creative section. It's really good advice.


I love this post Rebecca. I joined in with another blog last year doing Artful Thursday posts for the year and it was a wonderful thing. I made time to try new things, new techniques and new challenges. It's over now, and this year I'm on my own and changing it up a bit, to better suit me and what I like but the important thing is as you say - challenge ourselves to try more. Love it.
You said something else that really spoke to me. I look at other blogs, other people's work, and am in awe of what they create, and the volume of it, never mind the seeming ease with which they seem to do it.
When I see these things people make, they are pretty and simple (I don't mean that in a negative way either) but if I try to duplicate their style I struggle. When I stay true to my own style it goes smoother, faster and is less of a struggle. A natural fit. So while I will always admire what I see, I know I need to stay true to me.

Susan Reaney

That was profound...and very helpful. Thanks for being such a "giver" and thank you for the lovely note you wrote to me about my husband's illness. I appreciated your kindness so much!

Cherie Wilson

Thankyou Rebecca. You are truely nourishing us with all of your shared insights! It has really been on my heart to protect my TIME. Your post just reinforces that and so much more. I love how so much was on my heart this week and I just soared in my creativity this weekend as a result. Think I will try a mosaic, thankyou! Love and prayers your way!


Rebecca, your words were so timely and insightful. Thank you for sharing. It was reassuring to know others struggle too, with their creativeness, and we should trust ourselves and create from our heart. I also enjoyed reading your article in HandCrafted Mag about Traveling Companion. You are amazing! Valerie

Carole Reid

Thank you! Great inspiration.

Gunnel Svensson

Thank for your wise words!

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