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12 January 2011


Leah C

Yes, I will pray.


continuing to pray for Haiti


Haiti and her people are in my daily prayers. Thank you for posting this reminder ♥♥

Gunnel Svensson

Yes, and they still have a very hard life.

Annie Danielson

Thank you, Rebecca for the reminder!

gretchen ciccotti

Such a touching photo- laughter in the eyes of of a child that has undoubtedly been through so much in her young life. Yes- pray for Haiti.



Angie B

Rebecca, God Bless the work you do and to these wonderful families in Haiti who are struggling. Praying you can find another site in order to continue your work.


I think etsy need to take a very long hard look at themselves. They do not allow you to sell handmade items by these wonderful women, but they do allow a seller to sell disgusting degrading cards. There is something seriously wrong with their policies.


Rebecca, just an idea for now...u can just post pictures of items on your blog...people can purchase from here...probably won't be as "instant" but people will still buy...send u a check or put on paypal - maybe u canadd a paypal link directly to blog listing....even Etsy can't tie God's hands

Traci Johnson

This is probably due to tax liabilities or something like that. What a shame! I agree with April, is there a way you can sell the items on your blog? Don't know if that would create a tax liability for you or not.

Let us know what we can do to help!


What about Ebay?! Can we just use this and have a link from your blog?


Oh my! Will be praying!

Jan Olson

The explanation from etsy makes no sense at all. Very disappointing. Blessings and prayers are with Haiti.

lorraine lewis

I am so so sorry to read about this Rebecca. This is heartbreaking.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and the sweet people of Haiti- I will do anything to help you.

Lisa H.

Praying that the perfect substitute for the etsy venue will be revealed to you and Haiti by Hand's important work will continue!


shame on Etsy...


I was talking with a man just this morning who is getting ready to go to Haiti in a few weeks. A group of ladies, including my 20 year old daughter, met together to sew dresses for this man to take with him to Haiti. He told me how much it touches the hearts of the Haitians to have people go down there and minister to them personally. I know you have blessed many hearts and lives there.

I can imagine that Etsy's move to close the shop was a huge blow to you. So sorry. I hope that something else can work out.

rachel whetzel

I don't see where you've not followed the rules of a collective... http://www.etsy.com/policy/dosdonts#membership_collectives
If you need any of us to sign a petition to ask etsy to reconsider their actions, PLEASE let us know!! In the mean time, can you list for the women using a pay pal button?


You may be able to see on eBay through their Giving Works program. I am not clear on the rules, but you might be able to get back on line through that venue.


OOps, I meant "Sell"

Petra Carden

I just saw this. How awful! I'll be praying you can come up with a solution that ends up being even better than etsy. :)


I don't quite understand the tou on etsy, it seems they make them fit where they wish. God is still on the throne and if He gives you a burden and opens the door for ministry, you just have to trust He has a better place for you.


I'm so sorry to hear this...I think about you often and how hard you're trying to help.My prayers are with you and those in Haiti, hang in there sweetie!!! goodness will prevail!!!
God Bless,


Rebecca, look into setting up a Big Cartel store. They handle smaller artisans/creatives (under 100 items to sell) and have extremely reasonable pricing, plus the ease of using Paypal like people are used to. It wouldn't take you long at all to get set back up!!

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