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14 January 2011



AMEN sister...i also have discovered that what i choose to do with frustration energy makes an impact for good, or evil. yours is all good!!!!!! thank you much for sharing


First, I'm floored that etsy shut it down. I don't get it at all! I could go on and on, but that brings me to: secondly, I'm glad you are taking a good attitude and channeling it to create art, not sinking into frustration. You've done so much good. More good will come.
Praying for Haiti still.
xo natalea


You are such a godly example of grace and perserverance. Much love and prayer...


Grace and peace, Rebecca.
Praying that you pass this test.
D xo


Oh, my I was blessed then that I was able to buy two bracelets from the shop and I hadn't even read your notice until now. I saw a quote I believe in a Stampington publication that went something like this:
"Everything will be ok in the end, if it isn't ok, then it isn't the end." I loved it.
Two more comments on your post, have you seen the movie Harvey? You sound like Jimmy Stewart in it and it's wonderful! Also, there is a book called Joseph's many colored coat, a children's book where he makes something from nothing. Your post reminded me of it and it's wonderful too!

Donna Rae Barrow

Just saw your post and was able to jump onto Etsy and purchase some things from Haiti by Hand. Our church just participated in a Stop Hunger Now campaign and packed thousands of meals to be shipped to Haiti. I'm still shocked at the state of things in Haiti even now. THANK YOU for helping with your open heart and willing hands.


This is heartbreaking news - I will be keeping you and all the beautiful women of Haiti in my prayers. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to provide us an avenue through which to help. Headed over to make some last purchases now... ♥


Oh wow, I somehow missed that announcement from Haiti by Hand. I'm so sorry. You've dealt with the situation with grace - "My grace IS sufficient..."

We have friends who have made several medical aid trips to Haiti so the situation is often on our minds. Will continue to pray.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I am so sorry that the "powers that be" have elected to shut down your outreach for Haiti. As usual, though, your grace shines through. Thanks for showing us a shining example of how to deal with that which we can't control in a more positive way. I'm reminded of Rudyard Kipling's "If". My prayers are with you and yours.

Robin Thomas

That is so outrageous. The Etsian policy goes against everything that is about handmade.

I am shocked.

I do find that anger can spurn great energy to accomplish.

You have accomplished much in beauty, work, love and the uplifing of others.

auntie bliss

Huge hot tears falling out of my face, Rebecca!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

oh Rebecca... I am so very sorry for this.... this seems like a lack of understanding and sheer ignorance on behalf of Etsy. You are a brave and kind soul that will prevail in the wake of this sad news. Thinking of you!


I have anger/frustration and haven't felt very creative. But your work which I admire for it's sweetness and purity has made me feel better. I will take this lesson from you and get to work. Etsy should be embarrassed by their debacle.


All of that just doesn't seem right at all. So sorry to hear it Rebecca. Your pieces posted here are so great though!! Of course they are! You rock!


i am so sorry....very difficult to understand.

you are such a beautiful example of grace and the ability to take the higher road.

i love the wonderful creations that came out of your frustration.

sending you love and light

Cherie Wilson

Just so sorry. Shocked to see this today. I know this was your baby and not without purpose. Praying for the door closed and the next one to open in due time. Glad you are sharing and using this time to create. So much to process. Dream, dream again!! Sending love and patience dear Rebecca!xoxo

Yvonne Welty

Rebecca, I am so sorry that this happened. Why Etsy would want to shut down something positive such as you your Haiti shop is beyond me. Makes me not want to purchase anything via Etsy. Hopefully there will be another avenue for you.

Ana caldatto

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