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10 January 2011



Beautiful post - images and words!!


beautifully said rebecca. i love all your winter whites. i will try to reflect on your words when i am cursing another snowfall, which could be tonight.


Beautiful winter whites - and an apt quotation.


I enjoy the twist of winter "whites" instead of the blues as you may be feeling. I am hinting on the blues here too...lots of snow...kids home...not much for focus...really wanting to garden!


What a wonderful post! I loved all of your photos of whites and your words and the final quote. You are always so inspiring.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I'm having that same talk with myself for the winter here is a long one. I was hoping to get some white tulips the other day, but no luck... :)

deborah michels

I have just moved to Auckland NZ and after living in Queensland, Australia, I am looking forward to some real seasons, the gold of autumn, frosts in winters and the buds of spring. I really missed going from one season to another and it just being hot all the time. I am looking forward to the winter, snuggling up and hot chocolate, listening to the rain and hot bathes.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Hi Rebecca,
Happy New Year! As usual your words and pictures are so inspiring. We had snow today, too, and it was so beautiful. I do treasure that quiet and snuggled-in feeling that you get inside your warm house with the snow falling outside. Our view didn't include the cows, though...
Happy warm day to you and yours.

Kathy Uhrig

Aaaah... that quote speaks volumes!

Renee Troy

Beautiful post! Soothing, calming and wonderful shades of white!

lorraine lewis

so very beautiful. i am not a winter loving girl- i will remember these lovely words as winter continue's to make it's stay.

gorgeous images.


Love the photos and your words. I have to remind myself all the time that where I am is good because 'I'll never be here again'.


Very lovely post....thank you. Susan

Ginny C.

Beautiful & thoughtful post I will try to remember your words the next few days. I moved to Savannah to escape winter. We didn't get any of the snow(that might have put me over the edge-snow is a four-letter bad word in our house), but it sure is cold.

Deborah Downing

Thank you for reminding me to be thankful in each moment, Rebecca. Your photos & words are lovely, comforting, peaceful.
Deborah D

Leah C

One of your loveliest posts ever! How do you know exactly the words to say? Every year, I struggle with winter and long for spring; your words and beautiful photos are the "soothing balm" I needed today:)


Your post is just what I needed as I sit grumbling at the thought of pulling on my boots and once again shoveling the drive...which, may I add, gets longer each time! Sitting here admiring your "white" photos makes me kind of like the white stuff again THANK YOU! :)


Most people think their homes look barren and empty after their Christmas decorations are packed away. To me, everything looks fresh and clean, awaiting a new year.

Would love to see some snippets of your lovely farmhouse.

Happy New Year!


well, it does look lovely- at least in the pics. and the best you can do, is embrace what is! :)

Brian Kasstle

Upon my artist journey, you have constantly been such an inspiration to me. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


Hello from France!! It's a long winter here too... pfff!!!
I always love your pics, always charming ... and besides, you end your message with this words from Albert Camus, so ... everything is perfect! See you soon.

Julie S

Thank you for the very gentle reminder, that we should find peace and comfort exactly where we are.

Gunnel Svensson

So beautiful post and photos! And I agree with you, I also longing for spring, but today I wake up with a lot of snow!


Such a beautiful and serene post.

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