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21 January 2011



I have started to dream about my garden again, it happens every year when the sun shines a little bit longer for each day (living up north). My passion is vegetables I love to grow them and I love to eat them. Home grown veggies have a totally more delicious taste than the fast grown from the supermarket. Have a wonderful day /Therese

Cathie P

Great post. Living in the desert southwest makes it impossible for me to garden and I miss it very much. Back home, I dedicated my landscape to gigantic perennial gardens which kept changing from week to week with something new always in bloom. It's a great way to keep in shape as you get a lot of exercise from the work but the reward of the sun and the smells and the dirt under your fingernails is so worth it. To be able to eat what you sow--pricelss.

Kelly Ash

I am absolutely delighted I stumbled over your blog!

I've been gardening since I was a little girl - in the garden my mom just couldn't shake me from her side! And to this day, anytime I garden, I always come in rumpled & full of dirt.

I love gardening so much that I made a career out of it. My husband and I have a small farm in Maine (so its still pretty cold & wintery here) and I am a horticultural photographer.

We grow herbs and a lot of our own food. And during the spring and summer my girlfriends & I have canning get togethers. We've canned just about everything - one of my friends is a Master Food Preserver - so we have definitely taken advantage of her (in a good way of course)!

The only thing flowering at my house now are my orchids. I actually just got a new one and its so lovely & amazing I actually included it in my most recent blog. It gives me the feeling that spring isn't too far off!


PS I love and heartily agree with the John Erskine quote!

Tammy Gilley

What fun, Rebecca! I love to garden, and really love our local farmers markets. Last summer I bought the most beautiful peaches. I made filling for two pies...one we ate right away, and the other is all wrapped up cozy in the freezer. I believe I will pull it out, whip up some pastry dough and have fresh peach pie tonight. A little bit of summer at the end of January. Bliss. xo


Oh, yes, I garden. I love it so much! I'm beginning to start seeds inside, it helps me look forward to beautiful weather. I really work hard in the garden, my daughter comes out with her little tools and helps as well. I grew an unmentionable amount of jalapeƱo plants and canned 21 jars! Looking forward to doing that again!

Penny Pudge

of course I also love to feel the soil, the warmth from the ground... I have only planted flowers the past year and a few tomatoes on the deck because we wanted to spend time in the mountains with the grandkids. Well, I told honey I really wanted a big garden this spring and he groaned but maybe we will compromise. I am so tired of eating the food that I find in the stores. Yes, Spring will be growth... thanks Rebecca

Lori Bei-Durst

Hi Rebecca,
Glad you are keeping warm and busy dreaming of gardens and the yellow sun.....Love the collage of yellows! :o)
Yes, add me to the list of gardeners. There is nothing better than planting a seed and watching it "hatch". I finally planted my sweet pea seeds last week. Long story of where I got them. I keep thinking I will add to my blog....maybe I will do a post on it this weekend. Lovely place called Enchanted Sweet Peas in Sebastopol, CA. Yes, you got me motivated to go thru my pics and do a post!
Keep warm!
Love, Lori

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