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21 January 2011



Well I do like a garden but must admit I hate snakes and living down here in Atlanta a full garden would scare me for that reason.

But i believe strongly believe that our food chain has gotten so bad and we all need to eat and expect better quality food from our stores. Who ever heard of peanut allergies when we were growing up. I could go on and on but I applaud you for doing it and wish you a lovely weekend.

Patty Rose

I'm with you Rebecca! I canned tomatoes, green beans and jams last year. I am ordering a raised bed kit from Oregon to grow more this year. I only have one spot in my yard that gets enough sun so I am going to make the most of it with a raised bed. I so enjoyed the canning last year that I cannot wait to get started this year. I look forward to sharing the journey!


i have been gardening now in paducah KY for 13 yrs. i agree, there is nothing that compares to the dirt & the solitude & healthy naturalness of growing food & herbs & flowers. i would thoroughly enjoy experiencing your gardening journey... :)

Chris Aiton

Living in Florida, our growing season is a bit different than yours but we do grow herbs, tomatoes, and peppers for sure. I have a gigantic rosemary plant which perfumes our house when the wind blows from the east. I have not been able to grow many of the vegetables that I grew when we lived in Colorado but I keep trying...... thanks for this lovely posting.


I love gardening. The best part, to me, is seeing the seeds sprout in my kitchen. I usually save seeds from year to year and that's always and adventure - seeing which ones will germinate. I'm reluctant to start this year since I think I will be away from home for most of the summer.. I have a month to decide still, so will have to think about it some more.


i moved to my new home this past summer and having a garden is something i have wanted. i need all the help i can get, so i will be following your garden journey.


Well said! I just finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and am about to place my first order of heirloom seeds. I'm excited to follow your progress. :)


I will share the time with you too. I love creating. I love my sewing room. BUT, the garden is something else. Whether it's flowers or vegetables it is so nourishing for your soul (and of course our bodies!) Every year I kick myself for not starting asparagus and strawberries years back...and yet I still don't start them for the years to come...MAYBE this year I'll get them in.

deborah michels

Among my many books are also lots of gardening books. I have just planted a really cute little herb and vege garden next to my patio in my new house. The NZ weather is the perfect balance of sunshine and rain and I got out my new Gardening Diary for 2011 and even planted by the moon.
This year I have planted a few medicinal herbs to try out too. I have some planting photos I will post with some more updated photos while things are growing.


Yes, we are starting small with a four x four garden this year, and the kids are especially excited about it. It's good stuff!


I just love my garden and have been perserving food for sometime now. You are so right on all accounts, not only does it taste better, it is better for the body. The gardening part is good for the soul as well.


I love gardening and fresh veggies! I can't wait to get out and work in it, start ordering seeds and planting. This year I need to do more preserving. Thanks for your inspiration!

Leah C

I've been thinking about venturing into gardening a bit this year. Now, I just have to convince my husband to help!


Hey Rebecca,

You are right growing vegetables is a wonderful thing. I have here in the UK for about 14 years now. It's a good and bad thing all rolled into one. Weeds - boo. Produce - yay. I would be lost without that earth to sink my hands into. The seeds to sprinkle and then tend carefully and wonder at thier growth. The food we eat from those tiny seeds. Oh yes it's a wonderful thing.

Donna Rae Barrow

Oh, Rebecca, I surrounded by seed catalogs and early spring gardening magazines as I type. One of my recent Facebook posts read something like this: "Is it sinful to look with lust through seed catalogs?" We live on about 1/5 acre in a suburban neighborhood, but each year we grow so many herbs and vegetables! Tomatoes and peppers of many varieties, greens and peas and beans and cucumbers, squashes and eggplants. It is my therapy, my exercise, my nutrition plan, and my JOY!!!

gretchen ciccotti

It's funny that you are writing the words in my mind.! Gardening is a passion for me & the past 3 generations of women in my family. It's in your blood- the need for for dirt! The smell of spring is the smell of life, Unfortunately we are under 12" of snow and 5 degrees...but my next garden is not far from reach...another log on the fire & another seed catalog!! Have a wonderful weekend!


this touched my heart....i LOVE gardening...that is where i find peace..between the dirt...we moved to the coast...and know it is such a change to grow something...in sand..but i think the raised beds are the answer...at the moment my herbs love the sand..rosemary and lavender...and i will be patient...and learn...thx for sharing!

Kelli Ross

So true... there is nothing more pure than hands in the dirt.... from earth to the table, or canner.

mary walmer

My husband and I are planning a much larger garden this year-we have 5 acres with tons of open space that we'd rather plant than mow!But we can't start seeds just yet, our last frost date is mid May so we wait til March to start seeds.
Your stack os books look wonderful-i haven't been brave enough to try canning yet-I usually freeze everything.

Cherie Wilson

This post is so inspiring and NOURISHING! This will be my first year and my oldest daughters first year for gardening. We buy so much organic food that we need our own now! I posted about this last week for her dream.........mine too. A little garden for me. I have heritage seeds waiting on me and a book to pour over...but your stack of books look so swell! I wonder which book is your favorite?? I have friends who know all about canning so that helps! Just came home to a jar of blackberry jam on my stoop today from one of them as a matter of fact! What joy gardening brings!! I can't wait!! XOXO


I garden a small vegetable plot, and a nice sized yard full of trees, perennials and annuals. I just discovered that I love to garden about 16 years ago. there is nothing more relaxing than getting dirty in the garden.


I so miss my large garden! Since we moved I have only a tiny patch that I chock full of herbs. For now, that will have to suffice. That and reading about your gardening adventures!


yes, I love to garden. I live in Michigan so it takes looking with "new eyes" to see beauty in my garden now. there are photos on my blog if you are interested. I too, like to start seeds, but it is too early here. I am playing with a few orchids in the house to keep me going. My word for the year is Intentional. Blessings, Melinda


We tried our hand at gardening last summer, but it didn't go so well.... We're excited to try again this spring. What better way to learn than by making a few mistakes along the way and then trying again.


I am so happy to have found your blog. What a delight!!! I live in Southern California, yet I still look forward to Spring! Just got my roses all pruned and tucked in for our Winter. Can not wait to see your garden in the Spring. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life.

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