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28 January 2011


lorraine lewis

a great big hug of warm sunshine sounds wonderful rebecca!
i love your sunny picks!


Oh My...I think YELLOW is my new favorite color! I am headed out this morning to do some shopping for craft supplies...I def. think I need some yellow stuff!
Dancingly, Denise...(Oh Rebecca I forgot...I know you picked a word for the year? Iam giving away one of my Mice this week and it ties in nicely with the word of the year! Come over and take a chance:)

Brad Fallon

I love the color yellow! It is so alive and bright! The color symbolizes freedom and joy to explore the world once again after the cold winter season.


What a wonderfully cheerful post. I found your blog through Tara Frey's book, Blogging for Bliss, and thought I'd stop by. Glad I did, and now I feel like a crafty-type day. Thank you for my breath of spring for the day. Posting snowy posts myself:)

Shelley in SC

Mmmmmm . . . . I feel warmer already. Thanks for the wonderful smile to start my Saturday.

Account Deleted

thank you my sweet friend ;)

love and blessings,

Sally Smith

Number 17 has super cool Flickr photos. Loved all the fun in the sun. Happy sunny days to you, Rebecca.

Andrea Hamilton

You're a gift! Thank you from cold, gray Minnesota...


Beautiful post Rebecca, and very true. The doldrums take their toll on us, without our even realizing it. A little visit from the sun and warm thoughts to accompnay it and all's right with the world.

auntie bliss

So pretty :) and happy.

Last night...I'm scrapping with my youth girls when I saw a name I recognized on the side of my paper... WHO KNEW? LOL.


Watching snow falling (is it falling if it's sideways?!) again in Minnesota, and absolutely thrilled to see your gorgeous post this morning. Thank you, Rebecca!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the hope I found in your post...planning for summer to come and bringing back memories of summers past :)
We have had white and icicles outside our windows since December...ENOUGH ALREADY!! Oh and yes...still shoveling that drive, that is now approx. 1 mile long LOL


this made me smile!

thank you!!!


Kelly Ash

Rebecca, what a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing some of your warmth & sun with us!

I just went out and picked up some tulips to remind me that spring is not so far away. In Maine we're expecting another snow on Wednesday, but this definitely brightens the day!

Thank you!

Leah C

Oh thank you for the "sunshine"!! Just what the doctor ordered:)


Thank You Thank You for the sunshine!

Cathie P

Dear Rebecca,
I am sending you this link to help with your winter doldrums. You will be interested in the post on Havana as it will remind you of Haiti somewhat. When you are snowed in, it's nice to see the rest of the world through the sketchbook artists' eyes.


Claudia Small

Hi, Rebecca. I think I read somewhere on your blog that you were looking for a place to order embroidery thread online. Just forget it if I'm wrong. I found this site, and even though I'm sure you've heard of it, I'm going to give it to just in case you haven't.


This thread is so yummy. I hope this is helpful to you.


Sena Garrett

Love this! Yellow has been my very favorite color since I was a small child.

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