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18 January 2011


charlotte lyons

lovely, rebecca- you'll fill it up in no time at all!

5Star Digital Scrapbooking

rebecca what a great job you've done so far. are you doing it strictly by hand?


I just love it...will be fun to watch it unfold. I've made one in the past and hope to make another...we'll see!

Janet Ghio

I have been thinking about embroidery and stitching also. Are yours all hand stitched or is that some free motion machine stitching also?


It is so beautiful already! But knowing you and your gifts, I know over the year, it will become even more lovely!

barbara lassiter

I need to get to my stitching! I'm far behind on this! I need to design and crosstitch(on linen) my latest grandson's birth sampler!!! He was a year old in Dec.'10. That is my stitching project for this year!!! You've inspired me to think about this and get it started! Thanks. Love what you stitched thus far!

Shelley in SC

This is so inspiring. Makes me want to get needle and thread out again.


Love it...that's a lot of stitching already for someone wanting to do less. It is simply stunning. Have an old tea towel I've been playing with. Thanks, as always for the inspiration(aka kick in the butt)

lynda howells

This is gorgeous. I am doing some stitiching on some dyed materials l have naturally dyed. I stitch what the cloth tells me to..if you see what l mean! If you go to my Art blog
and l have 2 pieces on or about this christmas time and in a few days l will have some more upx lynda


Really fun Rebecca. I would be hard pressed to stop. It would be "just one more" stitch. Then before you know it supper would be late!! Lolol
Smiles, Andra

gretchen ciccotti

This inspires me to do my own "idea cloth" inspired from your earlier post. I recently did my own version of a button flower garden (blogged about here- http://robinseggbluedesigns.blogspot.com/2011/01/what-ive-been-working-on.html)- but I need to loosen up more. I can't wait to see your finished piece! As always you inspire me!

Cherie Wilson

You are so gifted Rebecca! We love it when you stitch, but can't wait to see your new things too of course. Just beautiful.

Leah C

Another lovely creation by you:) It's off to a beautiful beginning...love it!


what a great idea and I love what you have come up with so far......seems like you'll run out of space before too long! maybe you'll add extra pieces to it as time goes on
looking very forward to see how this grows and all the lovely stitches and embellishments you add!

Yvonne Welty

I love what you've done so far! I think I might have to steal the idea of a project that you pick up and put down over the course of a year. Looking at your lovely project has my brain clicking away with some budding ideas of my own. Thanks for sharing!

Alison Gibbs

Rebecca what a fun idea


Already so wonderful, Rebecca!


It is so nice to see the progress in the pictures. It looks great. I would love to take some time and work on ATC's. I have been wanting to do them for so long. I applaud you on taking the first step to pursuing what you have been putting aside.


A beautiful idea! I've decided to do some needlework (by hand or machine) for my bathroom on different size hoops. I'd like to put them up and work on them through time as inspiration strikes. Hopefully, soon!!


Oh such incredible lightness. I have only discovered you today. I will look on....

Claudia Small

SOOOO inspiring! I've been studying stitches and it's now time to begin the little house sampler I bought from you in your etsy shop. I'm very excited to begin, and your inspiration is amazing! Thank you!

Claudia Small

Rebecca - I'm sorry, but I posted this here instead of over on Charlotte's. You're probably wondering, 'what house sampler'? Anyway, I love your blog and everything you put on here for us.


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