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01 January 2011



My word is CAN - with God all things are possible. He is able to do all that we think or imagine.

Virginia aka "Vava"

First time reader here...also a lover of words. Will think and report back and will most definitely be taking time to read your past posts! Happy 2011!

Michelle Baker

GROW. Everything in my life seems to be growing, so I'm going with that.


Yes, I love this thing people do! I have a word this year, it is 'Contentment.'

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Happy New Year, Rebecca! I really like your word for 2011. My word is Healthy. That is what I'm striving for this year, in every way (I was ill with the H1N1 last year and the recovery has been long and not so straightforward).


My word for 2011 is balance. My first word of any year before. Thanks


Hi Rebecca! I just found your blog through Heather Bullard. I can't wait read some of your archives! My word of the year is 'patience'. It seems to be the theme so far for 2011 for me. I am focusing on being patient and remembering that all good things come to those who wait. I hope 2011 brings you lots of nourishment. Cheers, Carol

RoseMary King

Thank you for this post. I have been slogging through the past couple of weeks; something rattling around in my brain, something I was having a hard time defining or even identifying. Then I read your post. It wasn't just a word missing in my life or a purpose for this year but a true direction in my life for this year.
My word for the year is "Learning". I want or should I say yearn to learn something new. I need to wrap my head around a new thought, a new process, a new way. OLD DOGS CAN LEARN NEW TRICKS. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Graves

Hello and Happy 2011! My word found me this year and it is 'words'....really, truly understanding what Scripture says about our words...how they can bring about life or death...the power of our words and the hurt that can be so swiftly on our tongue if we are not watchful...found some interesting articles and scientific experiments about the power of words...I want how I say things to be my focus as well as WHAT I say...I want to bring life...always...not EVER hurting anyone with my words...I am so thankful for Scripture which is my guide for my words...so words is the word for 2011! Blessings for an awesome year in Him!


My word(s)for 2011 are: PAY ATTENTION. It's so easy to lose track, get overwhelmed, even if I'm doing creative work which I love...paying attention brings me back to the NOW which is really all I ever have.


My words are grace, humility, patience, and tolerance. I'm adding a new word or two each week.

Eleventhirtyish ...

just found your blog and love it - this post is so timely! I've spent the past 4 days exhausted spending much of my days asleep on the couch which is soo not me - i had just been thinking how i'd not been eating well or doing things i love just cause i want to - so i hope you don't mind but i'm going to add this to my words! Thank you
xx Bec

Patty in Oz

What a beautiful invitation to share a word for the coming new year. Thank you and to all who left the inspiring comments.

Because I was very inspired by something I discovered last week, my word is responder. In life I have been more a reacter. I read that it is a gift to possess a personality that responds rather than reacts to situations that come up in our lives. Striving to live stronger....

Be blessed today and always...


I haven't made a final decision on this yet. I am leaning toward Focus or Direction. Your images are lovely and always inspiring. Have a beautiful new year, Rebecca! :)

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