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02 December 2010



I put up fewer decorations this year, and am spending my extra time on the floor in the playroom and under the tree with my daughter.


Dear Rebecca

An inspirational post thank you.
We all need a reminder to step outside the chaos and 'be still'.

My post today is titled "the rainforest wept in grief today' - I would love you to come and read it.
We have just lost 29 miners in a devastating mine explosion.

This year let's put Christ back into Christmas.


A lovely reminder to savor the small moments of this wonderful season of waiting and celebration.


I have been feeling the same way ~ reminding myself to enjoy the holiday by taking it in slowly this year not rushing and worrying about shopping, mailing cards, or going crazy about decorating, just focusing on what is most important...the gifts of love, family, and friends.


By doing a December Daily I have been looking at the Holidays with a different perspective,noticing things and documenting things that sometimes get lost in this busy season.


A few lents ago I read a Bible meditation about "praying the wait" and would pray whenever I had to wait..in line...for water to boil..etc..I try (key word, try) to remember to do that now all the time. Advent is also a waiting time. For a few months now I've been trying to let go of the feeling of "urgency" I get. Every time I feel a sense of urgency I consciously decide to deny it. Now, this Christmas and Advent season I've been even more acutely aware of the feeling and choose to not allow it. Now, of course that's all easier said than done and that's where the praying comes in!! Ha! I just realized that as I am typing this in the den I'm waiting for water to boil in the kitchen to finish making noodles for our supper. Got home from a 4-H activity, supper not done, feeling of got to get supper ready now. There I go again!
I got long winded.
May you have a peaceful and BLESSED Advent!

Ginny C.

I'm trying very hard to take the crazy out of Christmas this year. I'm not decorating nearly as much. I think this will make the tree even more special. We're trying to really give meaningful presents to our daughters & grandchildren - really trying to find the one thing they will love. Everyday I plan to sit by tree with a cup of tea & just enjoy.

Leah C

Can you read minds? Because your words express the thoughts that have been in my head lately. Less focus on the "hustle & bustle" and more focus on the love.


Staying in the moment is a must do for me right now as my developmentally disabled sister has cancer and this will be her last Christmas. She has believed in Santa Clause all 55 years' of her life and sees the world with the innocence and wonderment of a child--a child who never grew up, never got bogged down with hustle or bustle, and has never been cynical or greedy. This season, while painful under the circumstance, will teach me what's most important--what she has always known.


A great reminder. Thank you!

Holly McLean

I am baking less; who needs the sugar? I am definitely shopping a lot less. I try to walk the trails when the weather is nice, taking the time to feed the chickadees from my hand. I rarely turn on a TV or the radio and I like to take the time in my day to savor the moments.

tracy whitney

I have treated myself to some time off from work this week. I plan to enjoy my days baking, crafting, cleaning, decorating shopping and wrapping all in a quiet home while my girls are at school... Mental health days for me!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty

Thanks for this breath of fresh air, Rebecca. I'm featuring you today on my blog as a "Monday Maven" - you've done such an amazing thing for so many women. Thank you!


Yvonne Welty

What a great post. I also love reading the comments. In the spirit of slowing down may I suggest a book that probably many have read? It's called "Unplug the Christmas Machine" by Jo Robinson and Jean Coppeck Staeheic. The subject of this book fits in well with your post. Happy December 6th!

lorraine lewis

These have been my thoughts too Rebecca.
The hurry hurry being muddled in the madness of everyday life makes me sad. I have had to make myself slow down. Life is so sweet when we take the time to enjoy the simple things around us.
Thank you dear Rebecca for the beauty and inspiration I always find here.

tea time and roses

Remembering to take tiny respites have been wonderful and slows things a bit for me. It is at those times I grab a favorite book, my knitting needles and a cup of tea...wonderful!



Tina  M.

Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder that it is ok to slow down, look up in the sky and really see things around you! After a great weekend visiting the grandsons, I have a diet coke, a good book which I am taking turns between that and my knitting!!!! Happy, relaxing holidays to you and yours.


I'm with you - let's focus on what Christmas means by purposefully using our time, energy, and activities to support that and to give us time to rest and enjoy the season.
Merry Christmas


I've been participating in Ali Edwards' December Daily and it's really helping me to take the time to look around me and enjoy things.
Happy Holidays to you Rebecca!


Would love to see some of your holiday decorations. And, I agree with the above poster, the December Daily makes me focus on so much more than shopping and eating!

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