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03 November 2010


justlisa p

love it! it looks so good with the photos on it :)


A gift from the wind - brilliant Rebecca!

Jodi Buckmister

I love the artists mind.... from trash to treasure!


Lol - I love it. I was expecting to see it somewhere in the house repurposed. Looks great.


What a great idea! It is so nice to see all of your cabinet cards displayed. Mine are in boxes and I forget what I have. I'll be looking for the next piece that blows off for sale in your etsy shop!

charlotte lyons



You are SO creative!!!


What a hoot ~ LOVE it!


Now that's a fabulous upcycling project. And I loved your previous post on how your kids have grown. What a great looking bunch. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Karen B

That's fun! Don't you love inspiration?

Heidi Woodruff

Love it! We have stuff like this behind our barn and shop. I had to enlarge your photo to see how you secured the pictures (magnets!). Blessings, Heidi


Love that stuff!
I painted a prim looking flag on a piece and put it back on the barn. It is getting a bit chippy, but I like it chippy.
Love the cab cards idea.
Love cab cards period.

Happy Wednesday, dear Rebecca!


I was going to ask the question about how you secured the photos too....I am one of those people who love to pull things apart to see how they are made and I love details of how things are put together.
A beautiful compliment to your cabinet cards.


Thinking of the Haitians too........

Julie B.

I pray that the GOOD LORD calms all the storms in our lives, like HE did on the Sea of Galilee! Extra prayers for the girls of Haiti and the countries of Haiti and Jamaica!

Looks as though Mother Nature threw you a nice piece of metal to work with; it's awesome!

Yvonne Welty

I will pray for the people of Haiti. I still have the thank you note from you with their picure on my fridge. I sent yarn and you sent me a lovely note.

P.S. The use of the roof was brilliant!

Robin Thomas

I love it with my whole rusty heart...

Leah C

Love it...a rustic, vintage, beautiful work of art! You are so clever:)

Genie Robinson

Well, now I know what I can do with the pieces that blow off of mine....but what about all the gutters that came down last winter after 2 months of continual snow and heavy ice. Any suggestions??? LOL This is such a CLEVER idea.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I'll be watching and waiting to hear. Thoughts and prayers are with them.

Lori Bei-Durst

Praying for Haiti too.
God Bless You Rebecca !
Love, Lori
p.s. Did I ever let you know I received my lovely little round pin? I did, and I love it! Thanks again !


I absolutely LOVE what you did with the rusty tin!

The people of Haiti are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cherie Wilson

Grateful today for those in Haiti that missed the bad weather. It's marvelous how the Weather Channel has covered this and given Haiti media attention to the ongoing needs, as a result of that incoming storm (that didn't happen:)! What a perfect ending to this storm story! Happy week to you Rebecca!

Auntie Bliss

Oh that's genius! I had a yard full of shiny pieces once...but this is wonderful. Can I show it on my blog and link to you?
I'm in constant prayer almost for those souls so in need of the basics.
Your blog looks so pretty!

Trudy Callan

What a great idea. I love rustic pieces.

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