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31 October 2010



Oh, my! What a wonderful update. Your books were the ones that truly got me hooked on scrapbooking... I recently cleaned out quite a few older books but I will hold onto your (very dog-eared) copies permanently : )

Julia Irene

Beautiful kids! My how time flies!


Your children are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing! karen....

Genie Robinson

A beautiful family and a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

Sally Smith

Gorgeous children! You have every right to be a proud Mama.

Cherie Wilson

Just precious Rebecca! Thankyou for sharing that sweet special part of you, Your children. Your very own bestest creations of art! Still, they do become their "own", don't they? I have a theatre girl who bakes, a free spirit who plays guitar and sings, a loving teacher, and alas, a married one who dreams of having a baby of her own.......Where does time go?? XO!


What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your children with all of us.

I also love you new blog banner format! I am ready to change mine and I love how simple and easy it is to read.


I have both of your books and they have forever changed the way I create my scrapbook pages - thank you for that. Wish you would share some of your current scrapbook pages.

Really enjoyed seeing your children and the glimpse of who they are today.

Sylvia Warren

Oh my! Rebecca they are growing up so fast! I miss coming in your store and hearing about them. Thankfully I still have my 2 books with them on the front. Thanks for sharing them with us today. Ahhhh, Memories.....

Petra Carden

Your kids are so gorgeous!! I can't believe how grown up they are.


I have them on my shelves!! Still love looking through the pages. Love your updated photos of the kids! Smiles from Texas, Mendy

Robin Thomas

Like your art, you make beautiful babies...Thanks for including me in your very wonderful list of places to visit. I am truly humbled by your consideration.


PS I have Scrapbooking's Life's Little Treasures and still thumb through it.

Jana Perenchio

I've loved watching your children grow up through your work and by the way, your CK idea book was, is and always will be one of my very very faves!!! PS....wore the necklace I bought from you at Creative Connection for our holiday family photos!!!


Such beautiful babies! What a proud mama you must be, Rebecca!


It so hard to believe that they are all grown up and that it has been so long since I fisrt met you. Thanks for getting me started in the best hobby ever. You will always be the very best in the Scrapbook world.

Love ya my sweet friend,


that is where i first "met" you. i still have those books. they really inspired me and changed the way i journaled in my scrapbooks - with my heart. thanks for that. your children are so beautiful. when i saw your son, i was stunned. i still expected him to be little. have a wonderful day!


Your children are gorgeous, Rebecca! It's nice to see how they've grown up. Time flies by so fast! I have those books - they're a keeper! :D


I've poured over both books so many times! They were a huge help to me way back when, and you transformed the way I scrapbooked through those books, your classes at the scrapbook conventions, articles in CK...will fondly remember "those good ol' days". Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing.


Oh...thanks for the update. Two of mine are about the same ages of your oldest and youngest and I think of what they might look like many times when I pass my books in the scraproom. My ds is like yours on many levels...have lifted not only layouts from the books for him, but some journaling as well. Always loved the boy layouts because they weren't - well - boyish...just from the heart.


Rebecca, I've been a fan of yours for oh-so-long. To me, you've always been like the patron saint of meaningful, handwritten journaling in scrapbooking. It's wonderful to see how your family has grown - you must be so proud.


Wow! i used to see pictures of them when they were younger on your scrapbooks, they sure are different now! time flies!

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