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31 October 2010


Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

Love the new look of your blog. Your children are just gorgeous. I'm sure just as beautiful on the inside, too.


What a wonderful post! Amazing how much they've grown up!


Wow I thought I knew something about you, but I thought you only had two children. It is great how your children are unique and they are being themselves. I so wanted to be a free spirit myself, but wasn't taught to dream or told I could be me.


Beautiful children!! I have both of those books so it amazing to me see how they look now. I love it!!

Suzette L

Thank you so much! Your children are beautiful and growing into such wonderful people. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love the new look, too :)

Leah C

What beautiful beings your children are...they've grown so much from those "cover days"! I have both those books and I'm still inspired by them and your art:) P.S. Lovely new blog look...wow!


Wow....time flies, yes?
Those two books were my absolute faves of all faves. Still am inspired by them.
Your work is always the best.

Beautiful children. Then AND now.


It's so nice to see your family. They all are beautiful as are you. I did notice that free spirit with the "dreads"...free to be herself, I see!(good mom!)


they are all such good looking kids

you know i love this....

Rose Brier Studio

Your kids are beautiful. You all are awfully lucky to have each other! But then I think being a mom is the best job in the world.


I have a piece of your paper line from way back when that you signed for me at a CK convention in Phoenix. I still have it framed on my studio wall.Your kiddos look amazing and grown up. Wow.


Oh what a fun post this is Rebecca! Your kids were beautiful then and they still are now.

Jill Sprott

Oh my, how they've grown! Still as beautiful as ever, your greatest creations. :)


Oh yes, two of my most favorite scrap-related books ever! It's amazing how much they've grown...all 3 are absolutely beautiful!


You totally transformed how I scrapbook with those two books!

Love seeing the updates of your sweet kids.

Sure wish you'd do another book sometime soon!!!!


Your children are beautiful - like mine they are good gifts from our good God.


Lovely post Rebecca, I like the new look blog x

sandra de marchi

All 3 kids are so beautiful. I have loved your books/blog and LO and agree with previous post any chance of a new book?


Children grow so fast don't they. The banner is beautiful, and the sachet is fun.
May God continue to bless your family.


Rebecca, thanks so much for sharing... I can't believe we've been "scrapbooking" this long :o)))

Sheila R

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your wonderful children now. They sure grow up way too fast. Your timeless scrapbooking books still grace my bookshelves and I refer to them frequently.

Love the new look!

Teresa B.

Thanks you so much for posting this update. Mom & I often think about you and the kids. We still remember the days of your scrapbook store and seeing them there. They are beautiful children just as their Mom is inside and out. Do you still scrapbook?


What a treat this post was! Thanks for sharing. They are all beautiful, just like you.


Love seeing this Rebecca.


Thank you for this. Your two books are still my very fave scrapbook books. Love them!!!

Your kids are gorgeous...thanks again. Oh and I really love your new blog look:)

PS...I bought a bag from you from a woman in Haiti. I was wondering how she weathered the storm. Is she okay?

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