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22 October 2010


sharon stanley

yes....i am just as in love with october as you....do you know the poem..."come little leaves said the wind one day, come over the meadow with me and play, put on your dresses of red and gold, summer is gone and the days grow cold...." my favorite fall poem...beautiful photos....well done you


Fall is my favorite!! Beautiful pics:)

Chris Aiton

"O hushed October morning mild,
Begin the hours of this day slow.
Make the day seem to us less brief.
Hearts not averse to being beguiled..."
-Robert Frost

Oh yes, October is my favorite month. Thanks for sharing the poem and the photos

Yvonne Welty

Loved your poem and particularily the photo of the sun coming through the leaves. I think of Fall as Mother Nature's last big party before Winter. But I actually enjoy Winter as well-staying at home by the fire with a good book or art project.


I love autumn! Thank you for the pictures of the changing leaves. Where I live, the leaves don't change until January :(

Lorrie Orr

October is most definitely my favourite month of the year, if I have to choose. There is such heart stopping beauty - as you've shown so beautifully.

Leah C

Raising my hand...October is a gem!

Ellen L.

"Something 'bout October air
sets Gypsy blood astir!"
---William Bliss Carman

Love October & love your pics!


my hand is raised. really, really high!


Is there any bluer sky then October? Almost hurts the eyes it is so clear and crisp.
Smiles, Andra

tea time and roses

Hello Rebecca,

Autumn is one beautiful season, and must say it is my favorite. I call it the quiet season. It is simply something comforting about it. I love it!

Enjoy lovely weekend.




I just got back with my youngest two girls from riding the combine on the final round of harvest at our farm. We also watched the baby pigs come in. Yes, it's all right here and I love October too!


yes rebecca -hand up and i agree...september and october both---but moslty october has a special feeling... hard to describe :) something in the air and loving it!
happy Fall- xo cgs

barbara lassiter

October is the best month where I live! I love it too!!!!


Oh yes, I'm raising my hand high...I love October!

Robin Thomas

It has been perfect here in Oklahoma. I think we deservedit, we have had such extremes so far. Mild was welcome...

connie freedman

funny I never thought of loving the month of october... but yet I love fall! I suppose I have always loved October, it is a time of preparing, gathering of friends and family and enjoying home... thank you october!


Oh Rebecca this is what I miss about living in NZ - where I live now is so hot we don't have obvious seasons. I love the orange leaves.


Before I moved to the desert, October was hands-down my very favorite month. Now, the temperature dips below 80-degrees for the first time since last April and October brings gentle weather and an awaking of a different kind, but mostly, just heat-relief. How I miss the crispy crunchy sound of golden leaves and today I admit to gazing at your tree photo for an extraordinary amount of time.

Beth Ann

Baeutiful photos - I love October as well. Dear husband and I were married in October. Hope your weekend is as beautiful as the blue sky!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Thanks so much for the poem and the lovely pictures. I agree. October is magnificent.

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