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27 September 2010


Leah C

yes, it is:)


Very true!!!!!!!!!!!!


so true. thank you for the uplifting thought to start me week.


I have to stop to tell you that I read "do" from your art and then "the next thing" from the previous post. This is what my husband and I say so often when we aren't sure where God is leading us. "do the next thing". It comes from Elizabeth Eliot. So many times we want the whole picture, the big plan, and it almost paralyzes a person because you don't know what you should do. But, to simplify...you "do the next thing". And, as your post today is about...the next thing...can be positive. I'm not sure if my rambling made sense but I feel better thinking about it and appreciate how your post moved me, so thank you!

lorraine lewis

Love this- the quote too!
Happy Monday dear Rebecca


Thanks for the inspiration to go out and do!

Genie Robinson

Boy, did I need to read this after a rough day at work.


Anne-Liesse Ankeny

So how are things going in your studio and on your path these days? Hope your Monday was a good one!

Lisa H.

I just did something positive and signed up for Jenny Doh's Crafting My Best Life class.

Cindy Litwin

Rebecca, thank you. Sometimes the seemingly simplest comments are the richest and most profound.


Karmen Sunshine



This really speaks to me. My mind has been so busy trying to figure a few things out and this fits in with what I'm working on. Love the quote from Alice Walker!


That was very inspirational..thank you.Susan


I haven't been here in awhile...too long as I always leave here filled up. Love your spirit, Rebecca...



It sure is. Love the heart and the quote.

tea time and roses

Beautiful Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing. Happy weekend to you.



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