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20 September 2010



one of these days i just know i'll be fortunate enough to attend an event & meet you!!
can't wait to see what you place in etsy


I couldn't believe that "REBECCA SOWER" was sitting accross from us! I told everyone that I have one of your books:) You are just as I pictured:) Also, my husband was glad to know that he was not the only one there.
Thank you for the link to my shop:)


It's always good to breathe deeply and take some time to evaluate the future.

Suzette Ladouceur

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! So glad you are back :)


it was so nice seeing you again Rebecca. i have been a long time fan!! i still have all your books. you were my inspiration for pouring more of my heart and soul into my scrapbook layouts. love, love, love my journal and bracelet.

enjoy your time at home and good luck with your new path. whatever it may be, i know it will be all the better with you walking it.


so happy you had such a wonderful time.

i am anxious to check out the shops you listed and start some early holiday shopping!!!

and of course, i will be checking out your shop!!!

cheers to your deep thinking

Jana Perenchio

It was wonderful seeing you as always!! I treasure my necklace and little red Haiti heart! I think of you and smile when I wear them.


Cleaning up my studio is always restorative and akin to therapy, especially helpful when there's apprehension about new work or new opportunities or when inspiration from buried treasures or forgotten art supplies are just what I need to get going again.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Cleaning up and organizing is always a must before any big decisions...good luck with yours! Looking forward to your Etsy offerings and thank you for those wonderful links! :)

Julia Maass


You are so Sweet!!! Thank you so much for your mentioning J-Jewels Designs... It was so nice to meet you, how lucky was I to have such nice neighbors at the Creative Connection! Thank you and I hope we meet again!!



That is one great looking display. WIish I had been there in person.


I wonder if that deep thinking feeling happens to us because summer is over and the things we were deep thinking about last September-December have had their chance? I am glad you had a great time at Creative Connection. Happy happies.

Melony Bradley

Your display looks amazing! I bet you got lots of traffic. Sounds like its time to take a good breather! I find those always lead me in directions I have been too busy to otherwise discover. Good luck on your journey


yep me too- time for a studio re-do- good time of the year for some fall cleaning...


So wonderful to meet you in person - you were even sweeter than I had imagined! I have already used the sweet little yo-yos in hair goodies for girls. So glad you enjoyed your time in Minnesota!


I am a long-time fan of yours and wish I had been there to meet you. My good friend Sue met you at Silverbella last year--I was very jealous.
I didn't realize you had an Etsy shop--can't wait to visit! I started a shop there a little while ago and am really enjoying the etsy community. If you ever have time, check out my humble little shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/ivyhillroad. I'm just getting started.

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