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02 September 2010


Rini Boer

Thanks for the lovely idea Rebecca !
love ♥RINI♥

gretchen ciccotti

As always, you make everything look effortless! I'm already here with my morning coffee, a blank piece of linen, a threaded needle, and no plan....just your inspiration....I have the feeling I'll be spending my day stitching! Thx!


just beautiful!

Shanie Christian

Yep...it's all good...thanks for the note on my blog girl. He is doing so so so good in school which we are super proud of...were not sure how it would all go because we are still waiting on his special needs diagnoses which we will finally have Tuesday, but he surprised me for sure. So proud and also enjoying my time getting so much done. Now to create! XO

Lisa H.

I find stitching therapeutic, also! :-)

Pearl Maple

Congrats to Linda and enjoyed that stitchery post

Robin Thomas



J'adooooooooooooore ;-)
I can't write a comment on your precedent post, so, I say it here : happy birthday Rebecca ;-))

susan gilman

Ooohh thank you for this lovely tutorial, Rebecca! I was completely engrossed for several hours on Friday night and Saturday enjoying the push and pull of my needle. Thank you for your generous shares...I cannot get enough! (I posted my piece on my blog...it is still in progress and it makes me happy every time I see it as I go about my weekend.) susanpjg.blogspot.com

Zita - Mlle Magpie

So beautiful, Rebecca.


thanks so much for showing us the process...you make it look so simple but the results are stunning!


Absolutely beautiful! I,too, do a lot of embroidery work. Your work is very inspiring.

Dawn B.

This is amazing. You make it looks so easy.. I love all the different stitches. My mom was fabulous at stitching like this..Brings back sweet memories.

Tracee Moore

Can you wash this now with the wool thread? I'm embroidering on a shirt pocket with threads, material, and whatnots...so could you wash this wool thread?


Your talent and creativity never ceases to amaze me! Love seeing your process!! :)

Catherine Scanlon

You make it look SO easy - but very beautiful too!


wow...how it evolves...what an art!


how beautiful! i love that you added the beads and buttons. i can see how that would be sort of meditative!

Rose Brier Studio

Rebecca, Thanks for including the step by step photos. Sometimes when I am doing creative embroidery I get discouraged when, half-way thru it looks bland. Seeing your photos reminds me I have to keep going. More is more! Beautiful work.


Waouh I like that !!! Thank you for your step-by-step. xxx

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