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02 September 2010



am over here stitching
blues of the sea!


thanks for your inspiration!

you make me want to try
~~wool threads~~
but not

not yet

here is balmy florida!

Lisa Baker

oh thanks for sharing! I have been wanting to start stitching and have been timid wondering how to do it and what, if any, kind of pattern to use. I love now knowing you don't really use one you just dream up something beautiful! I can't wait to try it!


Thanks for bringing us into your world~ so, very pretty!

Suzette Ladouceur

Oh, how beautiful! It looks perfect as is! If you add more to it, will you show it to us? Please.....


Beautiful! It's great to see how it grows and progresses.


Oh, that is so pretty! And do-able! It makes me want to get out a bit of linen and my box of embroidery floss....


Most inspiring! thank you for taking us step by step!
Happy Birthday Month!

Karen B

I love the wool thread and how you changed as you went along. I need to just sit down and "go with the flow". I bet even your "bad" ones look fabulous! I absolutely love your artwork and if I would set aside all my excuses, handwork would be my medium of choice as well. Your art is so unique to you, it would be difficult to not emulate.


Wow, this is beautiful and now I am inspired to try some stitching today, thank you!


Very beautiful.

Lisa Baker

thanks for stopping by....:)

Cheryl M

This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

Cheryl M

Now I NEED some of that British wool thread!
Do you have an online source you could share?
Or any idea where I would look for it, and how exactly to describe it?
Thanks much,

Shelly in So Cal

Beautiful! thanks for letting us peek at the process :)

Cindy Pestka

Wow...you really made this process seem very straightforward and do-able. It sounds like the perfect project to have in a basket next to the couch where I can just pick it up and do a little at a time.

How do you manage to keep control of the fabric and thread tension without an embroidery hoop?

Thank you for the inspiration!

Cheryl M

Cindy ~ Thread tension question is a great one...

cherie Wilson

Love the shapes and chunky texture~ so uniquely beautiful! Yes, and those threads....soft and warm. Inviting.

Leah C

I have no idea how to stitch...but I so admire yours:)

Shanie Christian

GORGEOUS Rebecca...as always! XO


I love seeing how it started from beginning to end. The work linen throws me for a loop. It is used so widely for older fabrics I think, so I don't know that I have actually seen real linen. Looooove your art!

Rebecca Sower

Cindy, the french linen is very stiff and almost paper-like so I dont have any trouble with tension on this fabric.



Thanks for sharing your step-by-step embroidery process Rebecca. You make it look so easy!


Oh Rebecca your work is fabulous...thank you so much for sharing the process :)

Jenny x


Love this stitching...
I understand when you say it is therapeutic to work with needle and thread. Today I made a smocked bonnet for our youngest granddaughter...(at least she is the youngest until October sometime...) It is VERY therapeutic, and nice to be doing something with lots of love.
You inspire me to do some random stitching.
It is on my to-do list for the cooler months.
I am thinking that a bishop and bonnet is needful for the wee one expected in October...
Then..I will reward myself with some randomness.
Thank you for sharing your process.
Always a pleasure to visit here.

Dede Warren

Thanks for stepping-this-out for us Rebecca! I love your work, and think this may be the perfect traveling project to take along on my trip next week.
Congrats to Linda on her big win!!

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