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12 August 2010



*does a little happy dance*

I always enjoy it when you update to flickr. And I really like that quote. I hope you are having a blessed day!


1) Ate my first egg from our own chicken yesterday :)
2)Lost many of my photos yesterday as the computer man at DogHouse couldn't save them after a crash (bad me...)
3)you need a burlap sack? come see!

Suzette Ladouceur

I love the quote and as always your photos are beautiful :)

Jennifer Stewart

Every time I come here, I get a renewed sense of creativity. :) Gee, it's been like that for years now! Thank you for being consistent, Rebecca. :)


Tracie Lyn Huskamp

mz. rebecca... it seems like forever since we spoke.. although I don't always leave a comment... I visit often, and am always, always inspired.

I could not help but browse your lovely flickr photos and marvel at your creations. Hope your days have been happy and filled with beauty.



So much inspiration in one spot is nearly too much to take. Love every single thing. You are truly gifted and generous. Thank you so much for sharing!

Anna R

Wow, your thought has me thinking. We have been debating for quite some time about buying land so this fall we are going to seriouly start looking. Wonderful thought.


love the quote. love the postcard you pasted it on even more - where do you find these things?

Sally Smith

Thanks for posting, Rebecca. I always feel respite on your blog. Your works are so simple (I'm sure not simple to make) and yet so fulfilling and you have such unique ideas. I love it here; now, off to see your Flickr.


I love your blog, and admire your creativity! Could you tell me where you find things to insert in your blog. i.e. the lined paper with the paper clip above! Thanks so much!

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