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18 August 2010


Karen B

I just love all that you do! Inspiring.

Rini Boer

This is all beautiful for me Rebecca !
Love from the Netherlands ♥RINI♥

Kelly in Canada

Isn't it truly a gift from the Lord to be among those who believe that each and every thing is a miracle? I love your work. There is something new and lovely and, dare I say, miraculous to see each time. Thank you for sharing.

Suzette Ladouceur

I spent a few minutes just looking at your work. Beautiful doesn't seem adequate to describe it.

lorraine lewis

so very beautiful- did you know that I love it here!


Just stunning Rebecca and oh so inspiring :)

Jenny x

Jamie V

Love all of it! Just beautiful! Jamie V in MT

[email protected]


Beautiful work, Rebecca.


I just bought a piece of wall art with that saying on it, but no credit was given ~ so thank you very much!

So enjoy your blog ~ your hand stitching is simply beautiful!

Melissa Runcie | Madabella

gorgeous...gorgeous....gorgeous. your work has been inspiring me for too long to just look at it! when school starts i am going to definitely do a project inspired by your style and i can't wait! ;)

p.s. i love your new profile pic. so serene and beautiful.


When I was little my grandmother taught me how to embroider. She and my bampi owned a little general store and I would sit on the bench by the woodstove during vacations and snow days and she would teach (rather impatiently:) me. I treasure those times, but everytime I look at your stitching I realize i am not honoring those times. I havn't done any hand stitching for years...BUT this fall once the tweens are back at school I am bound and determined! I loved it then, and I loved it in my 20's, but after children I "gave it up"...it is so time to get back to it! Thansk so much for sharing

Leah C

One of my favorite quotes:) Your stitching outshines all the rest...beautiful!




Each piece is wonderful!


Just lovely. That Albert Eistein knew a thing or two didnt he? :)


amen to that!!!

such beautiful pieces!!




stopped by to say hello. love your pieces my favorite! xox Laura


something inspirational.

Doreen OBrien

I love that quote by Albert, so I took a photo of my son, blew it up to an 8x10 and put that quote on a scrapbook page with the picture. You see he is my miracle...he survived cancer when he was 5 and now he is 20. More and more miracles come his way.

rachel awes

LOVE all your stitchings!
heart melty for sure!
& every stitch is a miracle!
every breath! every being!
to be sure!
lovely to visit.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Just beautiful stitching, Rebecca. Love it all!



A picture is worth a thousand words, and yours do speak!

Jan Fursdon, of Fursdon House

It isn't often I find something I truly love, especially where stitching is concerned, but I'm thoroughly in awe of yours! Thank you so much for sharing! Jan Fursdon, of Fursdon House

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