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09 August 2010


lorraine lewis

normally we are bombarded with high temperatures but we have had an unusually cool summer with lots of rain keeping me indoors- I can't complain because the mountains are the greenest I have ever seen them and they are so pretty right now.

Happy creating :-}


I am in Atlanta and know what you mean. I walked out about 8:30PM and thought so cool....but it was only down to 90 from 95! lol
Smiles, Andra

Leah C

Where did the summer go?! My girls start school next week...and we're just not ready for that:)

Suzette Ladouceur

The summer has flown by. Enjoy the time in your studio. Can't wait to see the beautiful things you are going to make:)

Irma P.

My kids are 3 and 5 and so attached to me that I'm daydreaming of a day when they have their own social lives that don't include me. Luckily they both start school soon :)
I love seeing your work, and I'm glad to know you've been busy in the studio ;)


Thank you so much for posting the song link. What a beautiful rendition. I'm in France and we are in the midst of the season of fetes and vide greniers so studio time is still a dream.

Dede Warren

With our youngest 22 (but thankfully still at home), I know what you mean about being looking at your husband across the table, just the two of you after years surrounded by children! Yes, a bit odd at first, but so much fun to rediscover what attracted you to each other years ago. Enjoy!


What a beautiful piece of art. I find the palette very calming.


that journal is gorgeous...i am so inspired. i really, really, really need to get some art time in....

enjoy these last days of summer...

Cherie Wilson

Funny thing, I was reading your post and my 13 year old was asking me a million questions.....she and a friend making cupcakes, so I decided to log off and go up to my much abandoned art room (sad face) and open up my new Squam Art Journal for the first time..........(happy face!) and guess who bops in but 2 young girls ready to paint their Tshirts in my art room! LOL I had to laugh and just say I give up! Until school starts next week anyway! Your creativity will inspire me until then, and for that I am very grateful!! Grateful for these girls too & cupcakes and Tshirts:) Enjoy your moments of solitude and Artistic ferver Rebecca! XO

Angie Walsh

I love this piece! So inspirational! Love it! xxx

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