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23 August 2010



Hi Rebecca
We all need time to "be still" and enjoy the beauty of our little corner of the world.
Beneath the pine tree sounds like a good place, with the pine scent wafting in the breeze!

Down here in the southern hemisphere it's still winter with a hint of Spring waiting to surprise us with her beauty - I can't wait!

Look forward to seeing your stitching.

take care

Suzette Ladouceur

I love that picture! I could almost imagine sitting beside you. We are looking forward to cooler weather down here. Have a wonderful day, dear Rebecca.

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Hello Rebecca,
Thanks for reminding us that to just be is ok, to remember to enjoy those rare still moments. That is such a lovely photo of your still moment..
Ox, joy and grace to you in Tenn, from B.C.


Whew! Still too hot! Can't breathe :)
I'm hoping some of your stitchers will come make some tiny quilts with me...

Robin Thomas

You are so adorable...

Patty M

What a perfect spot to sit and stitch...

Leah C

Sometimes it's nice to just "sit & be"...glad you took the time to do that:)


what a wonderful pic....looks so peaceful and relaxing!

so...i have to ask how the concert was???
i am going to see these two fabulous men labor day weekend in santa barbara! i cannot wait!!!

can't wait to see what it is you are stitching!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Thanks for sharing a bit of your peaceful spot, and thus your peacefulness with us all. I needed that!

Brian Kasstle

What a peaceful spot in deed! I'd give a kidney for one of those aderondack chairs... well almost a kidney...


I felt a little touch of Fall to come in the air this morning. It's been unbearable hot where I live, and I'm looking forward to the cooler days and taking my projects back outside.
Thanks for sharing!

Gabi Alberti

Perfect picture!!

Cherie Wilson

Oh Yes, be still my soul. Thankyou for the reminder. Need that this busy week:) Looked up these music artist fellas, loved what I heard. Thanks for sharing. I've been listening to Ingrid Michaelson a bit lately. Funny how art inspiration is sometimes in the "Still" and then other times in the Music! Have a lovely day Rebecca! XO

lori vliegen

the only thing missing from this picture perfect moment is a little mouse sitting on your shoulder watching the whole thing (that would be ME wishing i were the mouse! heehee!). i can't wait to see what those sweet fingers have been so busily stitching!!! xox


I would love to sit outside but our daytime temps of 115 and high humidity don't allow it. This photo of you stitching is so beautiful. I can close my eyes and imagine the fresh air. Look forward to seeing what you've created as all of your stitchings are magnificent. Simple stitchings are what I do best. :) Many blessings, Tammy


Love Love Love your work!!!!!! I'm drooling!

Lisa Baker

Once a Rebecca fan.....Always a Rebecca fan. Oh how I love your work. xo

Alison Gibbs

Rebecca what a perfect spot to sit and stitch. Here in Australia we are days away from Spring and looking foward to some sunshine.
Your husband must have had the car radio out of tune, that can't have been you he heard snoring!! LOL


I just took that scary leap and started my own blog yesterday, in large part, from your featured work and comments on Sommerset's Artful Blogging Magazine from Spring 2008...yup it took me that long...your quote of:
"I live under the same roof with four people whom I dearly love, but on the average day don't get me...there are few people in my direct world who understand me...but my blog readers, oh they get me"

kept creeping into my brain every time I got a few coveted minutes into my sewing room.
You are also the sole reason I now scour sales and shops for old sheet music, and came to the realization that you can give yourself the lofty title of "artistic" even if you don't paint or draw...who knew?

So it was clear that you had to be the first blog in which I posted a comment.

Our cup overfloweth

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