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30 August 2010



A wonderful birthday to you Rebecca and thank you so much for sharing all your gorgeous work with us all...my daughter has become one of your biggest fans and being such a crafty girl herself, she always comes squealing to me when you have posted something new. So we both thank you and wish you well for another year. Melbourne, Australia

Melody M. Nunez

Hi Rebecca - Happy Birthday! Thank you for posting on Jenny Doh's blog regarding my art journaling project. I've been a fan of yours for years, and it's very nice to know we've traded inspiration. :o)


Have a wonderful and happy birthday! So gracious of you to give on a day when most are just content to receive.


Wishing you a very HaPpY BiRtHdAy!! May love and joy come sprinkling down on you today and throughout the year. {Oh to win one of your lovliest stitched pieces would be a thrill ... thanks for the chance Rebecca.} xo

Holly McLean

How generous to give a gift on your birthday! It's lovely.


Oh they are beautiful, what stitching techniques did you use? It makes me think of a very contermporary take on silk ribbon stitching. Of which I have some skills and plan to design a project of my own based on yours as inspiration.
I do love your art style and am often inspired by it as I have a similar sytle.

darlene melvin

Awesome gift and so sweet to do on your day..My bday was last week and I had to go on a business trip - thank you for your inspiration.

ale balanzario

I would love to win it, Happy Birthday!!

Susan M

A very happy birthday!

Dawn B.

This is amazing..Happy Belated Birthday. I have followed your blog for some time but don't always comment. I love to see a post pop up in my Google Reader. Your stitching is so inspiring. I even bought some fabric, thread and a small hoop. My mom used to embroider and I still have some of her precious work. Thanks for sharing your creativity.


Happy, happy birthday Rebecca! Hope you have a wonderful day. How gracious of you to give one of US a present on your birthday!


Happy birthday to you!! I love your little stitched heart...how sweet of you to do a giveaway!

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Happy Birthday Rebecca,

How wonderful that you would give a gift to one of us on your birthday. I hope you were well loved and cherished today.

Cheryl Stoneham

Happy Birthday, Rebecca! I hope your day was truly special and your art is such an inspiration to me!


Hope you had a wonderful birthday! And big wishes for many more for you!!


These are cutilishious, you have been inspiring me for only a few months now, but I have enjoyed each posting. Happiest of birthdays and I look forward to more insirational postings

Tawnya Huntsman

When I need inspiration, I look for you. Happy birthday. You share the same special day as my mother. She inspires me as well.
Wishing you love, joy and peace.


Happy Birthday and what a wonderful giveaway!

Beth F

Happy birthday! Hope your day was filled with happiness

Patty M

Happy Birthday and thank you for your beautiful blog. Patty

connie freedman

a fellow virgo! happy birthday rebecca! I have admired your work for years, all of it! enjoy!


Hope you had a day filled with all the joy you bring to others!


The happiest of birthdays to you fellow Virgo. What wonderful hearts you have created...I am crossing my fingers that it will be mine.


happy birthday!
I hope I am not too late to try and win your beautiful gift-

Doris Kirke

Happiest of birthdays! I am in awe of your talent!

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