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19 July 2010



I am very glad that you did take the time to do this. Stopping to see the beauty is never time wasted and thanks for sharing it!

Julie B.

I love vast water; the ocean, sea and all that it has to offer up! Your hearts are such treasures! Time is never wasted in examining that which we love! Thank you for sharing not only your hearts, but also your heart!

Leah C

just beautiful:)

Suzette Ladouceur

So pretty!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I found myself sorting our sea shells this weekend, too. I am always amazed by their beauty. Sometimes my favorite ones are the ones that aren't whole so you can see all of the miracle inside them. There's such serenity in the curves and swirls. Thanks for sharing yours!


Your shells are so pretty! I can't be by the water without gathering a little treasure trove myself - lovely bits of shells, and wood and such. You certainly have an eye for things Rebecca!

Cherie Wilson

So very sweet. She plays with shells! Been seeing hearts in the pavement on my morning "bounce" lately too.

Angie Walsh

Love the hearts! My son found a stone in the shape of one too the other day~and I too have put the photo on my blog! I love the natural~ness of them!


Oh so pretty!! I love gathering things washed up by the sea...they are the prettiest things in the world. Lovely photograph, thank you.


that's amazing you found that many hearts on one trip! :)

Lori Bei-Durst

Lovely Rebecca! Now over to the Haiti by Hand. Hope your daughter is having fun and keeping cool in Haiti! :o) Fondly, Lori


Love your journals! I posted about them on my blog. Hope that's OK!!!
This is the link....

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