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30 July 2010



you know how much i love glimpses into your world!
beautiful glimpses today too

lorraine lewis

I love each glimpse in your sweet life. Thank you for sharing.

Suzette Ladouceur

Oh, what a wonderful idea! I think I am going to do this on Monday! You have so much to be proud of.

Cherie Wilson

Will have a cake post very soon......Anna and I took the Wilton class together last Summer and all this Cake Boss tv has her reeling! Love it that your house smells like Sugar too! Sweet Dad. Sweet Hippie Girl clown. Looks like one of my own:)
Safe and beautiful landings this weekend dear Lady! XO

Cherie Wilson

PS~ Yes, I do LOVE These cupcakes. I am really inspired by their colors.......going to my art room this minute!

charlotte lyons

happy birthday and welcome home!


Great post Rebecca, I love the cupcakes, and I hope you have a lovely welcome home celebration with your daughter. I have taken your advise and did a post about the things I love for what they are. It's always a good thing to reflect on the positive.


So many things to love.... you will find my anser to your queation on my blog :-)


(so you know I can spell)
So many things to love.... you will find my answer to your question on my blog :-)


Lovely post Rebecca,
I did one a couple of weeks ago called "My Happy List" http://www.skyblueseaskybluesea.com/2010/07/my-happy-list.htmle

It really is the simplist things in life that give so much pleasure. One of things I listed was the smaell of fairy cakes (cupcakes) baking in the oven x


Sorry the link doesn't appaer to work, it's under "My Happy List" anyway x

Suzette Ladouceur

I posted my list list this morning. Have a lovely day!


Those cupcakes are so pretty. What a clever daughter you have.
I love coming here for inspiration. Thankyou for sharing with us.

Leah C

Oh I will do a post like this soon...after I "catch-up" from being on vacation:) Sweet post; great inspiration!


what a beautiful idea! sharing what we love most! think I'll have to make a post about that myself as per your suggestion!

i discovered you/your work from art quilting august 2009 and LOVED your aprons! thanks for being so inspiring!

i'm defiantly going to frequent your blog and hope you'll pop on over and check mine out too.. i'm hosting a blog hop august 19th-22nd and would love a couple more blogers to join in if you are interested.. the theme is "back to school"



Just a few things I love for what they are:


exceptional children's books

the comfiest flip-flops I have ever owned - they are cushioned with a thin layer of pillowy softness - aaaaaaaaahhh

a certain boy who turns 8 today

music. I should look up the author of this quote, but whoever said it, said it well:
"Music washes away the dust of everyday living."

Thanks for another happy and gentle post. Love the hen named Buttercream! And those cupcakes are truly a work of art.


i love these kind posts- just sort of random great things that connect us-
that's a LOT of basil! you must have it in a great spot that it loves-


I visited sweet-16 a couple of times when visiting my friend in Nashville! Soooo good, I dream of that cake somedays!


Your basil looks delicious! My wee herb garden has struggled in the heat this summer but it's hanging tough, the rosemary is delightful.
I was looking at the lovely cupcakes & smiling 70th cake, then I scrolled down and saw your sweet cat photo - it looks so much like my Tupper I was amazed (here's a shot on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/peaceofpi/4643862678/in/set-72157617388726645/ )
Lovely glimpses. Happy Summer!


Move over Cake Boss 'cuz there's a new girl in town! Those cupcakes look too gorgeous to eat...I'd enjoy them sitting under a domed cake plate just to pretty up my kitchen! And maybe to add just a little more color and fun to my world, I'd have a hippie clown somewhere in the mix as well! I think those of us who "know" you from your earliest publications during the scrapbooking days always enjoy getting a peek at what your children are up to as well. Loved the post and the quote! Xo, Sue

Leah C

Ok, I took the "challenge" and posted about some things I love for "what they are"...it'll be on my blog tomorrow:)


what an absolutely, positively lovely post!
i just love all these photos and the "loving things just the way they are!!" i am going to work on a post and will pop back over when i'm done!!!

thank you for the beautiful inspiration!



I really appreciate your post..Its soft and lovely.. I always go to Kolleens blog and she sent me here and I am grateful for that. Thank you and I went ahead and did my own post too..


what a beautiful beautiful blog!!!!!

Dana Barbieri

Great post. Kolleen sent me. Here is my list.

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