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30 June 2010



I hope you're enjoying your time away...Queen Anne's lace...the other day I was lamenting the fact that mine was gone. After a few years of severe neglect my gardens lost quite a few flowers and the Queen Anne's was one of them. Then, as I was doing my "garden walk", I found one plant. With care and water, the one will again turn into many! This photo is beautiful.

lorraine lewis

So very beautiful Rebecca- both the image which I love and the quote.

Happy summer days to you.

Suzette Ladouceur

What a great quote! One I will have to remember...


Love the quote, beautiful image too.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

This looked snow-covered at first. Thanks for the lovely picture and quote.

Cherie Wilson

I love Fred! A friend of my Mothers left our town to work for Fred Rogers at his studio. She said he was truely the kind and inspirational man in real life just as he was on camera:) So nice to know!

Leah C

Oh so lovely!

Holly McLean

What a beautiful photo. I love the dimension of the Queen Anne's Lace and the way that the blue glass blurs into the background.

Jill Sprott

Thanks for this -- it's just what I needed to see!


exactly what i needed to hear today....thanks


Isn't Mr. Rogers just the best ever? My wonderful and much loved Grandpa looked quite a bit like him, so I felt an extra connection with this kind man. In fact, I found myself humming one of the songs from his show only this morning. "It's such a good feeling to know you're alive...."

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