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25 June 2010


lorraine lewis

beautiful words Rebecca.... have a lovely time doing nothing enjoying natures beauty.


rebecca, i've been inspired by your blog for ages. thanks so much for sharing. everything. really. :)

Leah C

Have a wonderful "do-nothing" time at the beach:)

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

It's all about spending time with those we love, enjoy yours!

Shelley Overholt

Have a great time on your trip!! We just got back from doing nothing at the beach and want to be back there now!!! :) ~Shelley

Suzette Ladouceur

Have an absolutely wonderful time at the beach with your family! What a beautiful quote and photo. You have a gift of making something as simple as a few leaves a work of art.

Melissa Runcie | Madabella

How perfect...a trip to the beach to slowdown. we just went with friends and my girlfriend and i just sat for an hour watching sailboats go to and fro...it was beautiful, peaceful and restoring to our souls! Enjoy the well that is God's ocean...I know it will fill you up!

Cherie Wilson

Beach blessings to you and yours and those extra's too! Yes, choosing love even when it isn't easy. Despite those darn feelings sometimes:)


So glad to hear you're heading to the beach! So many have cancelled their plans and this only adds another layer of pain to those whose livelihood depends on tourism. Beautiful quote...one to ponder upon until it sinks in, deep.

Babi Sugarman

Hello Rebecca,
I am a big fan. You inspire me every day, I would love your permission to add a link to you in my blog.


Lovely.... And have a great time at the beach. We're in Destin at the moment. On our way down, I thought of you when I saw roadstands advertising Georgia peaches.

trudy callan

Beautiful words and a really neat photo.


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