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15 June 2010



wonderful! what a grand giveaway.



love it!!!


Beautiful jewels for June! Love your blog, your creativity, and your charitable efforts.

Jennifer Stewart

Oh, Rebecca....this is so, so gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to win it. :)

You are loved!


Ooooh! That's a lovely necklace! Wish I could make things like that. Thanks for the giveaway. Love Emily :o)

Chris Aiton

So beautiful - I would so love to win. thank you for the chance and a special thanks for your wonderful blog - I am always so inspired by your photos and words!


the little green squares are adorable on this necklace. lovely.


You're so creative!


The jewelry is oh so lovely Rebecca. I enjoy your blog and the sweet sentiments you share, thank you.


you have crazy talent in necklace making! I love that :)


Ohhhh, that is insanely pretty.


You are so creative, kind, and generous. That necklace is just awesome!

Kim H.

Beautiful. Just like you are. ;)

Shelley Overholt

I want a chance at it too!!! Looks gorgeous! ~Shelley

Cherie Wilson

I say ditto to the comment above! The necklace is so very unique and charming:) Much like the one who created it! Thankyou for the possibility of owning it Rebecca. XO

Doreen OBrien

You are so very talented Rebecca, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talents.


Oh, Rebecca! How delightful! How generous of you! Thank you.


Rebecca, the colors in this necklace are beautiful as is your generous spirit! May the Lord return to you many times over the gifts you have given over the years - particularly to those He has put in your heart in Haiti. You have been a blessing to so many.


It's a beautiful necklace Rebecca, just beautiful. And you're definitely not a lame blogger!


What a lovely necklace!


Love your blog. I haven't really got into the jewelry making, but I love looking at yours.


You are definitely NOT the lamest of bloggers, your life is full of good works.
Thank you for the opportunity to share in it from so far away.

Account Deleted

A most lovely necklace. One would have to pen a lovely poem, sail a distant sea, or dare to make a wish come true when wearing it.


I am always so inspired by your blog! Thank you!


Beautiful jewelry...but the OTHER JOURNEY...amazing. My twins grad. from HS May 2009 and one wanted to go to Haiti. So that was his grad. gift. He came back from there a changed young man. So good to see so many others helping!

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