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21 May 2010



This.is.awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wow. I'm impressed with your skill of writing with your machine. Really nice!

Leah C

It's beautiful...just wish I could sew:)


Totally wonderful! I can't believe you stitched the words with your machine...time to add a freeform foot to my arsenal. How fun! Have always loved [been encouraged] by these words. The subtle details of some ribbon pieces being more stained than others are the types of creative surprises I so enjoy about your [imagination] work!


i am not sure if my machine can do that, but i'll check. beautiful project.


wonderful..as usual.

what kind of machine do you have????

Sherry Cartwright

Absolutely beautiful. You know, it was your handwriting and doodles and style that got me hooked into scrapbooking. I looooooove Scrapbooking Life's Litte Treasures and remember sitting in awe of your creativity and handwriting.


Love this one, too.

My mother used to sing a song from that scripture...the song was one written by her piano teacher.

A sweet memory...

Enjoy a lovely weekend, Rebecca.


Great, great...I so love it but it looks difficult, I tried free motion just once and got in a mess...practice, practice for me then...this is just so beautiful, thanks!


So pretty, but I'm not sure my old Elna can do this. I may have to give it a go free hand embroidery style.

Lorrie Everitt

love this idea ... I'm always machine stitching something (fabric and paper) and I love the idea of writing with my sewing machine ... definitely going on my "must try this" list! thanks for the inspiration!!

Cherie Wilson

Oh girl, this one is close to my heart. So thankyou again for yours! XO


Very lovely piece and quote.

Debbie Demmers-Lujan

So that is what it is called....freedom stitching foot for the sewing machine. I just purchased an old black Singer sewing machine complete with sewing cabinet and drawers for $35.00! I wonder if there is an attachment for one that old! I like the saying, Rebecca.....debbie


I am loving your red thread sessions! I've been trying to come up with a project since I saw your first one, but wanted to be practical. I posted my baby sheet tonight and linked you to it. Thanks for the inspiration!

Melony Bradley

cool technique using the machine to write with- it looks really chic in the red thread but I have so say your final added touch with the numbered ribbon adds so much to this..

Vinnie Pearce

wow! Stunning piece of work, Rebecca! Very inspiring :)


If I tried to sew words, I'd need an interpretor for gibberish. Is there such a thing? Anyway, I admire how easy you do make it look.


Please give me the bible verse reference for this passage..I loved it as a kid and when I saw it I cried but I cannot remember where it is. Thank you for blessing my broken heart with this reminder of God's faithfulness......

Alison Gibbs

Rebecca that is fabulous.


Lovely post. I love free machine embroidery - I find it a good stress reliver, and love how you can literally "draw" with the machine.

Angie Walsh

This is a lovely piece! I especially like the verse~it really speaks to me! Thanks! xx

Sharon MLS

Thanks for the inspiration! Love your creativeness! I used the free motion machine writing on a recent project. Love your "red" series!


Hi, I linked over from Crescendoh.com and love this piece. You make it look so easy, the script looks lovely!

mindy lacefield

i linked over from crescendoh too...!!

this is outta this world. i'm bowled over. thanks so much for sharing this wonderful piece of art. so inspiring.


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